When you attend the University of Missouri, you're taught to loathe KU. Pure hatred of anything from Lawrence, Kansas is the only thing that will be tolerated in Columbia, Missouri.

But, as a (near) Missouri graduate and porn fan, I'm conflicted  when it comes to Samantha Ryan. The beautiful adult film star attended KU.

That, however, is not why I'm writing and saluting Kansas this morning.

No, sir.

Today, I have to tip my cap to the Kansas basketball team. Not for their victory over #5 Kansas State last night. No, no.

I'm tipping my cap to the Jayhawks, because Kansas assistant coach Kurtis Townsend got Samantha Ryan floor tickets to last night's battle between the two top five teams at Allen Fieldhouse.

How do I know?

Because Samantha Ryan tweeted it...a couple of times:

At 1:30 pm: "I'm so excited 4 the KU/KSU game tonight! Big thanks 2 Asst. Coach Townsend 4 the tix! Hope we got good seats! Bad ESPN no national TV :( "

And...then later from the game at 6:30 pm: "So excited for my floor seats at the KU/KSU game! Coach Townsend kicks major ass! Rock Chalk Jayhawk Go KU!"

Following the Jayhawk victory, Samantha tweeted pictures of her view from her seats and a picture of her and the KU mascot, Big Jay (which can be seen on the front page of insideSTL.com). And, then she gave a little post-game analysis: "Roy (Williams) was center of our world when I was @ KU but he left @ a time that broke our hearts. Poor timing was like a stab n back."

And, then one last thought: "Plus, Self has carried on the tradition even better than Williams did so in the end, it's all about BILL SELF! Woot!"

And, here's a "Woot" for for Coach Townsend. I'm sure plenty of schools would frown upon an assistant coach setting tickets aside for a porn star in the most anticipated home game of the conference schedule, but at Kansas, it's not only acceptable, it's promotable via the starlet's Twitter account.

So, with that, I congratulate KU for the victory over K-State and a remarkable season to date...but even moreso, I salute the assistant coach of the Jayhawks for proudly taking care of the ticket needs of their porn star alumna and star of I Love Girls Doin Girls, Barefoot Confidential 45, and Fine Ass Bitches 4, Miss Samantha Ryan.

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