SEGMENT 1 -- I Am Taking Questions But Doug Is Not Willing To Do So, Please Don't Have Serious Talk Today, Swingset For Molly Will Be at the MUNY This Week, Come to the Ring with Music From the Damn Yankees, Will Doug Make It Out for the Fight, and Protecting Your Junk ---


SEGMENT 2 -- Thats What Is Wrong with America These Days, Does Suppan's Start Yesterday Cause the Front Office to Pause When Looking at Possible Trades, Alot Depends on Lohse and Penny and Their Health, Doug Would Be Surprised If We Ever See Penny Again, Hawksworth Has Some Good Stuff, and the Cards are Pot Committed for 2010-2011 ---


SEGMENT 3 -- The Cat Goes to the Jersey Shore with His Wife's Side of the Family Plus the Old Master Painter, No Such Thing as a Stereotype at the Jersey Shore, Did Tyler Enjoy the Ocean, No Tarballs in New Jersey, and Albert Pujols Is Like Orange Julius ---


SEGMENT 4 -- Jason Isringhausen Joins the Show to Talk About His Phone Dropping Calls Just Because You Are Using It, Izzy Are You Throwing For Teams?, Jocketty Gave Him a Call and He Is Throwing for Dusty and Walt This Week, How Long Would It Take For Him to Be Major League Ready?, Where Is He In Comparison to When He Was the Healthy, and What Would It Be Like for Him to Throw Against the Cards in a Pennant Race ---


SEGMENT 5 -- We Are Able to Show What Bad Radio Can Be, the Weather Didn't Really Help Out this Weekend at Gateway, If Everyday Motorists Wore Helmets We Might Not See As Many Fatal Accidents, Guilty of Texting While Driving, and Jet Age Foam ---


SEGMENT 6 -- The Ticket Guys Email of the Day and Hooters Text of the Day ---


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# RedPujols
Monday, July 19, 2010 8:54 AM
From Fridays show...

"at least gators you have a feeling you can see."

Really Joe, do you have a feeling you can see them? Or can you just see Gators. I really don't think your feelings come in to play on that one. Cut out the bullshit from each sentence. You are so desperate to drag out every comment you make you add in all this filler. Its horrific to listen to. TIM now that you are back you need to make some changes to your fill in roster.

Can we have someone ring a bell every time Joe says necessarily so maybe he would realize how redundant he gets?
# haeffnkr
Monday, July 19, 2010 12:47 PM
Joe please define what exactly "st. louis people" is?

Tim please come back soon.
# laiji
Thursday, July 29, 2010 1:47 AM

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