It's March 19th.

In 16 days the Cardinals will take the field in games that count.

It's time to cut out the bullshit and get serious about 2010.

I'm as guilty as you are about ignoring baseball for the betterment of my bracket. The Day 1 games were spectacular all over the place, so I don't expect you to know what the Cardinals are doing 1000 miles away in games that don't mean dick.

But I looked it up. And FUCK it's a mess.

The Washington Nationals hadn't won a game in spring training. Not 1. 0 for 11. And then they came in and spanked Kyle Lohse like he was  a mutant Marv Albert daydream involving Joslyn James and Tiger Woods and biting. Lot's of biting. And did I mention this was a split squad for the Nats?

Tyler Greene seems to be under the impression that baseballs are hand grenades ready to explode and sever his hand as soon as he touches it.

Blake Hawksworth needs to lay off the blogs for the Globe-Democrat and start worrying about getting outs.

Matt Holliday bought some TV's for the clubhouse when he arrived in Jupiter. It used to be 120 millions dollars would motivate a guy to get it there and watch one of them sometime.

The 5-8 record? While pretty appalling, doesn't necessarily reflect anything in particular for exhibition games, it does tell you that the 'youngsters' the Cardinals were counting on for production in 2010 aren't getting the job done. Except for Jamie Garcia, the one guy that's shown out, also the one guy that seems to be destined for AAA according to our mgmt.

16 days is going to be here quicker than you think.

Time to tighten up boys.

Instead of showing us who can be the lesser disaster off the bench, how about somebody taking a job by the balls and squeezing the holy hell out of it? Instead of acting as if these games don't mean anything, perhaps taking a couple of them seriously and show the people that paid money to see you that you care. Or at least act like you care.

We get it.

The season is weeks away chief. We got this, you might say.

You very may well. But like a pre-season NFL game, we'd like to see the A team do SOMETHING before the start of the regular season.

Now back to your brackets. Hope you had Murray State in the Final Four.

Aaron Hooks is the managing editor for
Cards Diaspora and a featured columnist for Bleacher Report. He writes every Friday for InsideSTL. Follow him on Twitter here.

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# MR-Q
Monday, March 22, 2010 10:48 PM
Yes I very concerned about the cards.....spring training does mean alot!.....the pitching has been bad...Carp has giving up 18 hits in 9 innings pitched and ERA is 10....Pennys ERA is 9....Lohse ERA is 7....and niow ALbert has a bad back and has playing in 7 games so far batting .200 and Franklin left off what he did last year with a 7 ERA..Opening day is in 12 days...only good thing is the division is bad again this year!
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Thursday, July 29, 2010 12:04 AM

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