Who the hell hired John Davidson to put the bullpen together?

Hi. Yo.

Jason Motte decided to get his apple sauced late Thursday afternoon when he spooned up 5 flat lined fastballs in the bottom of the ninth that Andy Benes presumably jerked off to and Johnny Gomes definitely got off on.

Home run.


And the St. Louis Cardinals head out of Ohio with a loss.

As the resident InsideSTL Cardinals asshole, you may expect this post to be a railing against the Cardinals bullpen. A referendum on a problem not sufficiently addressed in the off-season. A known weakness exploited in 2 of the first 3 games the Cardinals have participated in during 2010.

It's not.


Because the reality of the situation is that the Cardinals are going to win 100 games or more this season. And they have the very real possibility to be the best Cardinals team of all time. Of ALL TIME.

This isn't a prediction. Nor is it a promise. But more of a realization that the Cardinals not only have the best starting rotation from 1 to 5 in the NL, but they also have the deepest everyday order in the entire MLB as well.

Brad Penny looked locked in on Thursday, allowing 1 run in 7 innings. Colby Rasmus has learned that a patient bat is a healthy bat. Matt Holliday took what would have been a foul ball for any other big league player and muscled up a home run.

... the list can go on in perpetuity. But you take all this baseball goodness and don't even mention Pujols, Carpenter or Wainwright and now you're not talking about a great team- you're talking about one of the best teams assembled in franchise history. Be honest with me here: are you even the least bit scared of anyone in the division after 3 games?

Me neither. The win total is going to be the only motivation for the Cardinals this year.

Which brings me back the to bullpen. It's not good. So far it's been terrible. BUT... there is room for improvement. And somewhere along the line something will happen. A move will be made. A player will be traded. A unknown will take the RH relief by the nutsack and latch on.

That player will eventually shore up the leak that is the bullpen.

Option B? Having a 170 million dollar payroll and not a shred of hope for another 100 years. Do the Cubs Suck or what?

So here we are. The day after a pretty ugly loss. And couldn't be feeling better about the season. Monday can't get here soon enough.

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