The Morning After, the radio show manned by the editor emeritus of InsideSTL.com, has repeatedly called itself out for being many things. Childish, no good, Godless- amongst other things. And while I think we can all agree it’s not the most intellectually challenging radio we’ve ever heard… at least Tim, Jim and Doug can go home and not look like total asshats.

The same cannot be said about other commentators on sports talk radio.

To wit: Hanley Ramirez and his “situation” with his manager Fredi Gonzalez and the Florida Marlins.

You see, our friend Hanley, who was in town this past week to play the Cardinals, was involved in a play Monday night where he basically kicked a ball into the outfield after not making a tough catch. Then proceeded to jog lightly after it allowing 2 runs to score.

The 150 fans in attendance were not happy. So Fredi benched his best player. Then sat him the next day after Hanley ripped the decision with the lowest blow a former ballplayer can give another ballplayer… the ol’ “he wasn’t good enough to play in the MLB” routine.

Hall of Famers were called in to calm this nuclear situation, and as of this morning, Mr. Ramirez had his starting job back and was producing like the All-Star he is.

(Side: many focused on the fact Ramirez let 2 runs score. The bigger thing was that he let a runner get from first to third, eliminating the double play, and hanging his pitcher out to dry instead of giving him the opportunity at a double play to end the inning.)

Still, the guy's pretty much a lazy asshole.

It’s been bandied about before, but this incident made a nice little piñata that the sports media world could whack at with moral indignity. Most obliged. But for some strange reason this theme started popping up… It’s not Hanley Ramirez’s fault. It’s Boston’s and Florida’s minor league systems that failed to discipline his laziness early, therefore, he can’t be blamed now.

Wait. What?

We’re talking about Hanley Ramirez the ballplayer, not that fucking barking dog up the street, right? Because last time I checked, this motherfucker was a 26 year old man and not a schnauzer pissing on my area rug.

To intimate to me, sports radio guy, that a human being closer to 30 than 20 can’t understand his obligations as the highest paid and best player on his team means that ballplayers are sub-human animals that are so far removed from reality that unless their beat into the “right way” while riding busses around rural America, is not only preposterous, it’s insulting.

Enough coddling. Enough psychosis. Some guys are fucking cocksuckers that need to get the shit whipped out of them every once in a while to get the point. While the rest of us were dressing down the punk ass attitude of an entitled athlete- you’re worried about what they’re teaching this kid in the minor leagues?


Don’t want to hear that shit. Hanley Ramirez isn’t a dog. He’s a man. 

And a man’s got to be responsible for his own actions. Mommy’s tit is a long way removed from Hanley’s mouth. So let’s start giving him respect by calling a spade a spade. It’s what he needed earlier this week. It’s what he’ll need next time he starts forgetting how good he’s got it.

It just blows my mind to think that these sports talkers are actually resonating with people out there. I mean, talking about your producer fist fighting another “talent” on your radio station may be complete bullshit to you…

But at least those guys can go home at night and not feel embarrassed.

and that? That’s a pic of Hanley grabbing his nuts. I bet he's thinking about you.

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# Joe
Friday, May 21, 2010 11:33 AM
FINALLY somebody is calling a spade a spade and saying it like it is!

When I hear what some of these "experts" say, I can't help but think that maybe they're a little too close to the situation and they're more concerned with protecting their paycheck than being honest?

Nobody called this guy out for what he really is! Listening to his diatribe bullshit response only further solidified my initial thoughts and opinions of his actions and disrespect for his team, his team mates, his manager, and all of baseball.

Seems really disingenuous to me that this guy can say the things he said and obviously have the "punk ass attitude of an entitled athlete" and come out the next day and from what we're TOLD, make nice with everybody and now everything's better than it always was?

I forgot which team mate the announcers said that this guy got into an altercation with last year, but 3 guesses what that was about and the last 2 don't count!

There shouldn't be any place in baseball for guys like him and Milton Bradley!
It's just overwhelmingly ridiculous how baseball management keeps throwing millions of dollars at guys like these!

Sure glad he's not on our team - I don't care what his potential is!

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