In a country now increasingly aware of the public stance they like to pretend to take on bullying, it’s a 30-year old man who sadly reminds us that this culture is going nowhere fast.

Allow me to borrow an OFT-REPEATED phrase from my fellow – ahem – “writer”, Larry Nickel, and express that what I’m about to say is not necessarily the opinion of others here at insideSTL.com, though I sure as fuck would hope it is.

Richie Incognito is an incomprehensible asshole and a colossal douchebag of the tallest order.

This world is absolutely inundated with people in dire need of an ass-kickin’, and Lil’ Richie just leapt to the forefront.

It’s disgusting enough when some fuck-stick in the high school cafeteria terrorizes classmates because drunken Dad knocks him around at night after his ex-cheerleader, lard-ass wifey-poo pegs him from behind while wearing his old high school jersey and telling him what a stud he was on the football field in 1988.

But when a grown-ass man (ghetto, yo!), at least in terms of age, is name calling, threatening and intimidating a coworker or bouncing around a bar, shirtless and spewing racial epithets, it’s fucking embarrassing.

Make no mistake about it, this IS a coworker situation. I don’t give a shit what all of you has-been assholes wanna’ laugh with each other about being the “locker room environment” when you’re throwing down beers at happy hour and half-chubbed reminiscing about popping towels off of one another’s young, naked asses back in the day, the NFL locker room is a place of employment.

And a place of employment, like the high school and college halls before it, is no place for bullying.

Sure, those last 4-words sound like the rallying cry right off of one of those bullshit posters in the classroom, but this shit has got to stop.

What’s going to stop it? I couldn’t fucking tell you.

I still run into douchebags I went to high school with who seem to think that the unspoken but understood “hierarchy” of our teenage hallways somehow still applies to social situations in our now “married with children” interactions.

These days, however, I just giggle down 2-inches and 35-pounds to them, and then return to my substantially large home and go down on my smokin’-hot wife (macho interlude).

Sorry, had to grab my balls and spit there for a second – but I DO feel better.

The layers are deep to this shit. The overbearing, abusive father I mentioned above, the fat kid who’s now stronger than everyone and making up for the slights he experience in grade school or just some genetic fart equivalent of that mongrel dog who bites children and eats his own shit.

In all species on earth, there are just “bad seeds”, and humans are HARDLY an exception, as much as we want to apply “labels” and “medical conditions” to them.

Assholes are assholes, and this is as much a fact as our laws pertaining to gravity and the absolute truth that anything starting in “Tyler Perry Presents” will suck, and do so WAY out loud.

What we need is for somebody surrounding these dipshits to have a sack about ‘em and stand up for the “little guy” now and then.

I was once that “little guy”, which I’m sure surprises none of you given my over-the-top profanity and internet tough guy persona.

But the fact remains that I had to stand up for myself in order to escape that status because, the majority of the time, my peers sure as hell weren’t coming to my rescue.

I hold grudges…you’re goddamned right I do.

I once had a bar fight based solely on my half-wit opponent’s habit of making fun of my buck teeth back in the 4th-grade, and this was 12-years later and he had no idea who the fuck this raging lunatic now pounding on his empty head was.

Beyond that, there’s still a mental list – even now in my 40’s – of a few fella’s who may end up rolling around the Bread Co. parking lot or local grocery aisle with me before I remind them what year we spent in class together.

These assholes need to be knocked down. Maybe not now, if your now is in your youth, but definitely later.

As Neanderthal as that sounds, it’s still the only way.

When Richie Incognito’s likely tiny-dicked, steroid riddled ass is taking out Mommy’s boyhood whippings on a teammate by peppering him with racist names and threats, another 300-pound athlete, who also happens to be a COWORKER, needs to have some fucking balls and smack that fat piece of shit right across the face his obnoxious uncle used to squeeze while making drunken “my name is Chubby” jokes at the backyard family BBQ.

He needs to be taken down a peg.

He needs to pay for his actions.

Hopefully the Miami Dolphins and the NFL provide the employment side of this, but a MAN still needs to hold him accountable for the rest.

I don’t care how big he is, how many asses he’s beat, bars he’s cleared or teammates he’s browbeat into submission, do NOT be confused…Richie Incognito is a pussy.

He’s a pussy because he chooses his targets and he gains pleasure from humiliating the weak. This is the lowest of rungs on the “cock & balls” ladder, and we DO have one.

Bully is the new plaid…KMFP-out!

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# brockohol
Friday, November 08, 2013 8:04 AM
I dont disagree with any of this...

However, it is somewhat ironic that the majority of teams in the NFL keep players on the roster who have committed or been involved in murder, countless assaults, domestic violence, drugs, guns, etc...yet "bullying" is the tipping point?

Hell, look at the all of the superstars getting praised this year who have had a DUI in the past year. Are you telling me that Richie being mean to another player is worse than some dipshit driving the streets shitfaced 100mph? I would much rather have guys bullying each other over having a guy on the streets who may crash into my wife and kids while drunk.

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