“The Boy Who Cried Wolf” was one of our friend Aesop’s many fables and a message that’s been passed down to children for ages. While I’ve never met anybody who has actually come into contact with a wolf to even have the opportunity to “cry” it, the message has become a common idiom, and a wise one, when taken for the meaning behind the phrase.

Falling into this “cry wolf” category, definitely includes crying “rape”, “abuse” or “racism” and carries A LOT of weight along with it. I’m admittedly confused by the actual definition of “racism” anymore, at least in its’ relationship to today’s new consideration of it, as I’m apparently a racist myself for the simple facts that I did not vote for Obama, think welfare reform is much needed and that O.J. Simpson is a double murderer, so I’m seemingly ill-equipped to speak to that one.

However, being a victim of true racism, along with abuse (sexual or not) and rape is a horrible, powerless position to be in and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. That being said, there is one MAJOR responsibility that falls on all potential, or actual, victims of any of these terrible circumstances…and that is this: TELL THE FUCKING TRUTH.

Damned near as horrible and potentially life-altering as being raped or abused is being falsely accused of doing such a disgusting thing. Regardless of the truth, by the time it comes out and/or because of the usually deserved stigma that comes along with it, there is always that dark cloud or shadow of doubt hanging over that person. Their name has been drug through the mud and there is now a public perception they’ll never likely outrun.

This famously happened in the Duke Lacrosse case and I suspect has happened to more than a few other tainted athletes, despite what pieces of shit they may have actually been in other areas of their lives. One of THE SCARIEST moments of my life was when I was innocently playing Frisbee in a public pool as a youngster, when a young girl suddenly came up from under water, pointed at me and yelled “HE TOUCHED ME!”

Being only fourteen, and in obvious eyesight of not only my friend, but a plethora of other witnesses, still didn’t stop my short life from passing before my eyes as I envisioned a public beat-down and the gravity of what the hell this sick little bitch had just so easily and unflinchingly rolled off of her vile tongue. Before it even became an issue her older sister came to my rescue, quickly snatching her up and saying “she’s always saying that” and chastising her while pulling her away. This brought an entirely new set of questions and theories to my mind, but that was that. I was relieved like nothing I’d feel again for another 2-years, also involving a young girl, but true, willing and dating me.

What brings this particular column about is the recent release of police reports associated with the rape charges that were filed against University of Missouri basketball player, Michael Dixon, and his subsequent suspension, despite the facts in the barely-materializing case, or lack thereof, and the very dismissal of said charges by the police department.

Read the reports yourself and form your own opinion, but I think this will appear to anybody of adequate intelligence and reason to be nothing more than somebody ruing a sexual encounter and the apparently different ideas she had of what this encounter would lead to in terms of a relationship. It reads like a jilted lover who will sink to the lowest level imaginable, possibly ruing the life and name of a young man in the process, simply out of spite and regret.

Anybody falsely accusing somebody of rape or abuse is as sick as those who actually do those things, though in an entirely different manner. Again, yelling “racism” is now as common as yelling “liar”, which is sad in its’ own right, but unfortunately changes that argument a little bit, though it’s still part of the conversation.

These are all very, VERY serious accusations, with potentially dangerous results. You’re not only unfairly soiling somebody’s reputation for the sake of your own sick satisfaction, but also bringing into question your own credibility from that day forward, regardless of who believes who and, Chuck Norris forbid, in the event that ACTUAL rape or abuse would occur to you in the future.

Victims should ALWAYS be heard, treated and given our full attention, support and even benefit of the doubt. But once this doubt has been compromised and, in fact, substantiated, the formerly accused should be given that same support and sympathy, with the accuser’s name now being put on the public marquee of judgment as theirs was long before the actual truth was allowed to come forth.

If I win that Powerball, I promise to quit writing…KMFP-out!

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# brockohol
Thursday, November 29, 2012 4:46 PM
After reading that article in the Columbia Tribune... Im a little concerned about what the definition of rape is nowadays. That entire night sounds exactly what I do to my wife on a nightly basis...minus the sex, oral sex, and handjob. Plus I actually have to return her calls and texts the following day which really sucks.

That story read alot like the start of a bad Penthouse porn story...He came in the apartment, pulled on her pajamas and said "just chill out, just chill out." Im just proud of the little dude for asking for a beege after he got done bangin...thats a pretty slick move.

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