By now, we’ve all seen the story of the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker who killed his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, and then himself, leaving the young baby they had together an orphan.

What I’m tired of seeing is the sad tale of how he went to the practice facility and thanked his General Manager and Head Coach before taking his own life right in front of them. It’s sad for the two of them, yes, but it ceased to be sad for him when he decided to take another life with him.

I’ve often said that if I ever got to that horrible place it must take to want to end your own life, I’d sure as shit take a few people with me who my sick mind must’ve felt help put me there. But that wouldn’t make my situation sad or right. It would make me a fucking murderer.

Depression, anger or whatever else led this man to take his own life, are all sad situations when sitting on their own. But once you turn the gun on another, the mother of your child nonetheless, that’s all null and void. You’re no longer a “sufferer of depression”, “desperate” or “at your rock bottom”…you’re now a fucking murderer, period.

Your family and friends can grieve for you and nobody can stop that, but I don’t have to. And Ms. Perkins’ family shouldn’t have to see him mourned for on national television. His teammates will naturally have a connection and quite understandably, possibly an emotional reaction. But you know what? Turn the goddamned camera away from that shit and leave it private. It’s insulting to the woman he murdered…got it yet…FUCKING MURDERED!

The Chiefs got it right by observing a moment of silence in the name of domestic violence, and not their selfish linebacker. Bob Costas got it wrong by using a sports outlet and access to a microphone to make his thoughts on gun control known to the rest of us laymen.

I respect the hell out of Bob Costas, but choosing halftime of a professional football game to quote Jason Whitlock, who was apparently channeling Joe McDipshit, and usually quite unquotable in the first place, and preach to the rest of us about gun control was not only bad timing, but completely off base, in my less than humble opinion.

Whitlock’s comment on his thoughts being that if this man “didn't possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive” are fine, because they are HIS THOUGHTS. But they are, like anything written by him, myself or anybody else, subject to huge scrutiny, and a stretch at best.

Jason Whitlock can’t possibly have an inkling of what was going through this man’s obviously disturbed head and can’t possibly assume that, without a gun, he wouldn’t have still ended the lives of 2-people. I tend to believe quite the opposite, being that if you’re at this point of what you must feel is desperation, passion or hatred in a situation; the act is going to be committed, regardless of the tool you use to do so. You’re mind has been made up and is now in action.

Do we have a gun problem in this country? Abso-fucking-lutely. But guns didn’t kill these people, a sick man did. And he likely would’ve done it with something else had guns not been available. You see, lots of things can take a human life, your own two hands included, Misters Costas and Whitlock. A bat, a knife, a rope, a car or a goddamned pillow, all can end the breathing of another. Should we “control” them all?

Here’s the side that we don’t see enough of from yesterday’s stltoday.com:

“A man at a 7 Eleven convenience store grabbed his gun and came to a woman's aid early Monday after two men fired shots at her and her 2-year-old son. The man from the store shot at the suspects, who ran off.”

This is a fact of responsible gun ownership. The bad guys don’t get them legally and they’re always going to have them. If we can’t have them ourselves to protect our loved ones from these people, what do we have left? The fucking police…please. Not a shot at them, there’s only so many and they’re paid the equivalent of a janitor’s salary, if that, but we sure as hell can’t place the safety of our loved ones solely in their hands.

Gun violence is a huge issue and domestic violence an even bigger one, which would STILL EXIST, whether guns did or not. Ending gun ownership MAY save some lives. Ending domestic violence MOST DEFINITELY will.

I don’t know what kind of a person Kasandra Perkins was, but unless she was threatening the life of this man, or that of his child, that all became irrelevant when he snuffed out hers.

There are two absolute facts: He ended her life and he took a child’s mother. For those two reasons, I feel for her family and for that child, period.

Stick to sports, boys…KMFP-out!

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# brockohol
Tuesday, December 04, 2012 9:31 AM
Hearing people on the radio say shit like..."well, we dont know what was going on in this guys head" pisses me off so bad I want to punch a fucking hole in my dash board. Who gives a shit what was going on in his head? He killed someone...period. I dont care whats gong on in anyones head who murders someone. Oh you are bi-polar? you have multiple personalities? you are depressed? you play football and have concussion problems? I DONT CARE! Lots of people have these issues and they dont murder people. We cant keep letting these murderers get a pass. The Sideshow Bob looking Motherfucker who shot up a movie theater is getting the same treatment. "Oh he was mentally ill" NO SHIT? What was your first clue? The hair, stupid look on his face, therapy sessions, or mass murder he committed? Put us out of our misery and put a sword through his head like a zombie in Walking Dead...end of story.

People taking a sympathetic stance on this just furthers the wussification of America. No one is responsible for ANYTHING anymore. We need to stop making excuses for people who kill, steal, cheat, dont work, or ride the motorized carts at Wal-Mart. Its not someone or something elses fault. Man up, figure shit out, excercise, work, and dont fucking kill people. If you do...I will put a sword through her head. Then I will be a murderer making everything I just wrote very ironic.
Mike in South City
# Mike in South City
Tuesday, December 04, 2012 9:58 AM
guns guns guns guns guns guns guns guns guns...we need more guns guns guns guns guns guns...
Tuesday, December 04, 2012 11:36 AM
Preach on, my man brockohol!
# Bretsky
Tuesday, December 04, 2012 11:42 PM
Brock, I've so often disagreed with you and let you know it! Let me congratulate you on nailing it on the head with your take! I agree 100% with everything you just wrote. These pieces of shit need to rounded up and hauled away like yesterday's garbage! What I hate are the idealistic douchebags who whine about the human rights of these sub-human pieces of shit! What about the human rights of the people these assholes murdered? Who advocates for them and their families?
# brockohol
Wednesday, December 05, 2012 8:24 AM
Thanks Bretsky...

I look forward to arguing with your punk ass in the near future

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