MLB Network debuted their 2014 Top Prospects Special Thursday night. Coming in at No. 3 on the countdown, your very own Oscar Taveras. 

Former Indians and Rangers general manager John Hart was a studio analyst for the special and added more hype to the Taveras train when he compared him to Barry Bonds the hitter.

"He's got that quick bat. He's got that swing. I think the power is going to come. Pretty special bat."

Hart envisions Taveras as a corner outfielder when all is said and done. And he offered more praise for his bat, saying:  

"This guy does barrel the ball. He makes great contact. He's always played young at every level - he's been one of the younger guys - always hit, always competed."

"When I look at St. Louis, it's an embarrassment now, of riches, when you've got this kid here waiting in the wings, probably starting for a lot of clubs, may or may not be in the starting lineup for St. Louis but nice piece to have ready to step up."

It is indeed a great time in Cardinals history. And if things pan out according to general projections, the Cardinals future is actually brighter than the present.


That would be funny, wouldn't it? 

Seriously though, why are some Cardinals fans so mad? Really? If Tom Glavine didn't wear the Braves logo, that would be a little odd since he played his whole career in Atlanta (give or take five years with teh Mets). This is just silly.

I just don't see why it upsets people he's not wearing a logo. If he chose the A's logo, then yes, I'd be annoyed.

Seems like some folks around town have a lot of bitter, pent-up aggression and anger. Call it extreme cabin fever. I blame Cindy Preszler. 


This week in Cardinals history (Jan 20-26), includes three Hall of Fame inductions. Let's start with Dizzy Dean.

Jan. 21, 1953, Dean is elected to the Hall of Fame. He's the last National League pitcher to win 30 games in a season. It happened in his MVP season of 1934. He went 30-7 with a 2.66 ERA and the Cardinals won their third World Series championship. 

The ace of the Gashouse Gang was the most dominant pitcher in the game from 1934-1937. He was an All Star each of those seasons, won the strikeout title in each of those seasons and led the league in complete games in those seasons. Dominance indeed.

According to legend (or history as some call it), Dizzy predicted that he and brother Paul would win a combined 45 games prior to the '34 season. On September 21 of that season, the brothers swept a double header against the Brooklyn Dodgers. Dizzy tossed a three-hitter and notched win No. 27 in Game 1. In Game 2, Paul threw a no hitter and notched win No. 18. 

With that, the brothers came through on Dizzy's preseason prediction. 

Dizzy is also remembered for saying, "It ain't bragging if ya can back it up."

Fun fact: Dizzy and Paul Dean are not blood relatives of Food Network star Paula Dean. 


(Jan 21 1960): Stanley Frank Musial asks for and receives a $20,000 pay cut, lowering his salary from $100,000 to $80,000, after he hit .255 in 1959. 

(Jan 23 1967): Stan the Man becomes the Cardinals General Manager. After winning the World Series, he would step down as GM but remain on the club as team vice president.

(Jan 21 1969): Musial is elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on his first try, garnering 93% of the vote proving that at least seven percent of voters were morons back in 1969. 


(Jan 23 1968) - Joe Medwick is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He won the 1937 Triple Crown after hitting .371 with 31 home runs, 154 RBI and 56 doubles. 

Nicknamed "Ducky" and "Muscles", Medwick hit .324 for his career. 


Jan 21 1972
- Alan Benes --> Gets birthday party discounts w/ Team Fredbird through brother Andy. 

Jan 20 1975 - David Eckstein --> Scrappy birthday full of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey games. 

Jan 20 1978 - John Rodriguez --> Having a party and only John Rodriguez is invited.

Jan 23 1975 - Fernando Tatis --> First in history to be born twice of the same womb by same doctor.

Jan 26 1935 - Bob Uecker --> Mr. Baseball is the only man in history to be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame and WWE Hall of Fame. Not even all time hits leader Pete Rose can say that - and he's in the WWE Hall.

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# brockohol
Friday, January 24, 2014 12:22 PM
I feel "silly" caring about the BHOF in general. Why do we care who gets voted in? Why do we care what the stupid sports writers think? Why do we care about what Larussa goes in as? Its all completely meaningless in our every day lives if any of us just took a step back and thought about it. How many of us who sit and debate/complain about these things have ever even been to Cooperstown??? Its one thing if you go every year and it for some reason is a big part of you and your familys life...but those folks are few and far between, and to be honest probably big ass nerds. But for the rest of us who have maybe been once if ever...dont you feel dumb for whining and complaining about a guy who rubbed deer poop on his elbow to hit a baseball further, getting voted into some place you will never go or is in no way a part of your life?

Go Blues

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