Ladies and gentlemen, 


I don't know about you but Sunday night in Phoenix represented a frantic, outstanding 20 minutes of hockey. 


The Blues scored four unanswered goals in the third period, including two for Patrik Berglund, who carried over his Team Sweden success at the Sochi games to Sunday's third period. 


During the second intermission, the Blues had gone 180 plus minutes without scoring a goal. They were clearly pressing and Blues captain David Backes was severely pissed off.


His interview with Darren Pang was the hockey equivalent of an angry Andre The Giant with Mean Gene Okerlund. 



From there, something clicked and the team played like determined champions. 


Not a bad debut for the Ryan Miller era. 





For me, Sunday's game was the most excited I've been for a Blues game in March since Wayne Gretzky came to town. Regardless what happens with the Blues going forward, at least fans know that Doug Armstrong and company are serious about winning. 


St. Louis hasn't had a goalie like Ryan Miller since Curtis Joseph, ironic since Miller was a Cujo fan and supporter of Joseph while in St. Louis. 


Sure, Grant Fuhr was good, but he was in the twilight stage of his career. 


With Jaroslav Halak, the Blues got the goaltending equivalent of Jamie Garcia. At time he was lights out, while other times you were waiting for the other shoe to drop. 


And other times, you wondered why he wasn't mentally right. 


Here is the list of St. Louis Blues goalies since the beginning of the Cujo era in 1990, with record in parentheses. 


1990-1995 - Curtis Joseph (137-96-34)


1990-1996 - Pat Jablonski (5-12-3)


1992-1993 - Guy Hebert (13-13-3)


1994 - Jim Hrivnak - (4-10-0)


1995 - Geoff Sarjeant (1-0-0)


1995-1997 - Jon Casey (12-16-4)


1996 - Bruce Racine (0-3-0)


1996-1999 - Grant Fuhr (108-87-41)


1998-1999 - Rich Parent (4-3-1)


1998-2000 - Jamie McLennan (38-27-8)


1999 - Jim Carey (1-2-0)


1999-2004 - Brent Johnson (76-47-12)


2000-2001 - Roman Turek (66-33-19)


2002-2006 - Rinehard Divis (6-9-3)


2002-2003 - Fred Brathwaite (21-20-8)


2003-2004 - Chris Osgood (35-28-10)


2003-2007 - Curtis Sanford (26-26-10)


2003 - Cody Rudkowsky (1-0-0)


2003 - Tom Barrasso - (1-4-0)


2006 - Patrick Lalime (4-18-8)


2006-2007 - Jason Bacashihua (7-17-4)


2007-2009 - Manny Legace (63-49-15)


2007-2009 - Marek Schwarz (0-2-0) 


2008 - Hannu Toivonen (6-10-5)


2008 - Chris Beckford-Tseu (0-0-0)


2009 - Chris Holt (0-0-0)


2009-2010 - Chris Mason (57-43-15)


2009-2011 - Ben Bishop (4-5-1)


2010-2011 - Ty Conklin (18-18-6)


2011-2014 - Jaroslav Halak (83-47-19)


2012-2014 - Brian Elliott (52-23-7)


2013-2014 - Jake Allen (9-4-0)




The three goalies with the most wins in Blues history since the start of the Cujo era are as follows: 


1. Curtis Joseph (137)


2. Grant Fuhr (108)


3. Jaro Halak (83)




Ryan Miller (1-0-0) is tied for No. 1 all time in Blues win percentage with Geoff Sarjeant and Cody Rudkowski.


It's Miller Time!

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# brockohol
Monday, March 03, 2014 12:27 PM
"St. Louis hasn't had a goalie like Ryan Miller since Curtis Joseph"

Considering Halaks career numbers are better than Millers, Im assuming the above statement is referring to a goalie that is good and from North America?

I get it, its exciting to get a new player, particularly one that is well known around the league and very visible to the general hockey fan being that he is/was the goalie of Team USA. But lets face it, there is nothing statistically that points to Miller giving the Blues a better chance to win than Halak did. If you want to make some sort of "gives the team confidence" narrative argument I guess your welcome to do so but it still does not explain why we are so excited for Miller to be here instead of Halak.

Im not against the trade nor am I "anti-Miller." I just think that we need to be realistic as to what we had and what we are getting in net. It will be pretty much the same, the rest of the team just needs to be better come playoff time...plain and simple. And I certainly think dumping Stewart and adding Ott makes this team better in the playoffs.

Good stuff Imig, just didnt want to see you fall into this "Miller is the Lord and Savior" media fabricated narrative kool-aid that most of the other Bluesiers in STL have been drinking
Pat Imig
# Pat Imig
Monday, March 03, 2014 12:33 PM
You make good points.

Personally, I never thought Halak was the end-all-be-all though and with Miller in net, all questions cease. Halak brings questions; Miller doesn't.

It's either win with Miller or bust.

I'd have to think if Miller was the goalie here in STL during Halak's time, his numbers would be even better than Jaro's. The Buffalo Sabres right now are a complete mess and one of the worst run franchises in sports. (LaFontatine just stepped down after four months on the job).

But your kool-aid warning and excitement is noted.
# brockohol
Monday, March 03, 2014 12:40 PM
Ha, drink whatever you want Im not the boss of you.

I remember sitting in a bar in college arguing with some guys that "this Sanford guy is legit"
Pat Imig
# Pat Imig
Monday, March 03, 2014 2:46 PM
When I was a kid, I thought Pat Jablonski was the man, mainly because his name was cool.
# brockohol
Monday, March 03, 2014 4:16 PM
Im currently looking at a framed/signed picture of him right now.
Pat Imig
# Pat Imig
Monday, March 03, 2014 6:13 PM
That's good for society.

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