Cardinals General Manager John Mozeliak joined The Drive Home Wednesday and offered some candid insights on the bullpen blowup this past weekend and the crown jewel of the farm, Oscar Taveras. Click it below for the goodness. 


 John Mozeliak Interview





Some of the highlights ...

On Adam Wainwright in 2014:
"I do think this sort of a coming out party for him. He certainly wants to be known as one of the best now." 

Roster Improvement: "The good news is that July 31st is a long way away; I think the bad news is that we don't exactly know what we'd be going after at that time but we have time to sort of work through that."


Perceived exposure/weaknesses: "Right field production, certainly we could get more from that; some clarity on the platoon in centerfield." 


On Oscar Taveras: "From a pure baseball standpoint, he could play in the big leagues … we've got to determine playing time up here with our current roster and are we willing to take away at bats from our current roster and give it to someone else? … if we still sort of look the way we look early June, mid June, then I think it's time for a change. 


In fairness to what some of these gentlemen have accomplished in their careers, I don't think hitting the panic button in middle of May is fair to them."


Best Part of Oscar's game: "He may look absolutely lost on one pitch and the next one he might hit 450 feet. He doesn't ever change his approach based on looking bad. His bat has got a lot of electricity in it, it really does have some juice. He's fun to watch hit."


Not a 5-Tool-Player: "I would also say when someone says he's a five-tool player, they don't know the player. He's a nice corner outfielder, he's got some improving to do if you really want to put him in centerfield. I think it would be tough place to play day in and day out at the Major League level."


"He's much more instinctive in the batter's box than he is in the field."


On Joe Strauss letting Imig say hello to Mo: "I'm surprised he's even letting you speak."


What happens when Strauss solicits him for an interview: "I usually try to delay it and kick the can down the road and hope. It worked yesterday. Caller ID is a wonderful thing."


John Mozeliak Interview



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