Where did you grow up?  St. Louis in South City

High school?  Notre Dame High School

College?  Harris Stowe State University

Single - Relationship - Engaged - Married?  Relationship =)



Occupation?  Full time student athlete and part time personal trainer

Dream job?  Lawyer

Turn-ons?   Humor, good smile, muscles

Turn-offs?   Body hair ewwww and bad breath

Favorite Band?   Dave Matthews Band

Tats?   No

Piercings?  My belly button and my ears

Favorite St. Louis sports team?  The Cardinals

Favorite St. Louis athlete?  Jimmy Edmonds

Favorite St. Louis restaurant?  Lots

Favorite St. Louis hangout?  Al Harbosky's

Have you been to the East Side?   Yes

If so, have you been on stage?
  Yes and won amateur night

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