Cubs vs. Cardinals
I feel like this series is pretty significant for the Cardinals.  The Cubs are 7-3 over the past 10 days, while the Cardinals are 4-6, though it feels more like 1-5.  That road trip was God awful and I’m glad they are coming back home.  Had we have won each game in Milwaukee, and we definitely should have, our road trip would have been a lot better at 3-3 and closer to first place.  Instead, we looked awful, and now are 5.0 games back instead of first place.

The positive side to this series is that Chicago is 14-32 on the road this year.  The Cardinals are 23-20 at home.  We need to beat up on our old friends and beat them bad.  Cardinals fans need a little pick me up, and there is nothing better than beating the Cubbies and getting the joy of laughing and making fun of Cubs fans.  

I hate Cubs fans.  Why you ask?  Ever been to Wrigley Field?  Enough said...

Looking for a car...
Just out of curiosity, what is your “family car” of choice?  I have no shame anymore, and I will drive a mini van if that’s the best car.  We are looking at cars and not sure which direction to lean towards.  Mini Van?  SUV?  Sedan?  What makes the best Dad Mobile? 


This weekend there are a lot of stuff to do, if you don’t mind braving the heat. Obviously the Cards/Cubs series is a great option and last I heard there are still some good tickets left.  The Offspring are playing tonight for the Summer Concert Series downtown and don’t look now...but Ol' Cornell Haynes is performing on Saturday.  That’s right, Nelly is live begins at 9:00pm.  I seriously can’t wait for that.  I may be the only white boy bobbing up and down, but I loved him while I was in high school, and I love him now. 
 You can find out more about the Summer Concert Series here

Dad Tournament


Costanza and Dunphy win and move on to the next round.  So that brings us to the 3 vs 14 seeds.  2. Peter Griffin vs 14. Alan Matthews and 2. Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor vs 14. Jim Halpert.

I’ll admit, Jim Halpert is weak sauce, but he’s here nonetheless.  Alan Matthews played a role, though not a large one, in "Boy Meets World" and deserves to be mentioned.  

Peter Griffin is a hilarious and I think we all can appreciate him.  Loves Beer, loves his family, get’s himself into little trouble, fat, middle-class, blue collar, gets drunk, awkward Dad.  

Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, in my opinion, is, was, and will alwyas be a legend.  Ever remember walking around the house grunting like a cave man?  Yeah, me too.  I remember watching the new episodes every week with my family, and then they started playing the reruns every day.  Those were good times, me and my little brother watching the show after school.  Tim is a great example of the classic Dad.  Loved his cars, loved his tools, loved his beer, loved his family, and loved his football team.  Some of my favorite scenes were between him and Wilson, his neighbor, trying to understand woman and family dynamics.  

It’s funny to me, now that I’m a Dad and been married for some time, how I can relate and appreciate the humor in characters like Tim Taylor, Phil Dunphy, Ray Barone, and others.  I get a good laugh at how true a lot of their situations are, and quite honestly, it inspired me a lot while creating Dad Life STL.

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I hope you all enjoy your weekend.  Stay cool and GO CARDS!

Vince Mahtani

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# mike8585
Friday, July 20, 2012 3:29 PM
Might want to bring a gun to that concert

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