Let me paint the picture: I had my kids at the Science Center for one last trip with me for their summer vacation and I decided to take them to lunch. We drove down to the usual spot, which meant the trucks around the Wells Fargo building. There were a number of trucks there, but they were all ones I have been to before, except this new one.  I saw a colorful looking food truck with a big burger painted on the side called, fittingly enough,  the "Man That's Good" truck.  Take a look at these guys, as they have had this truck for less than 4 months!  And while the truck may not have as professional of a paint job as some of the others surrounding it, I would bet that the food on this truck was phenomenally better than on the other ones.  There is some real love cooked with this food, you can taste it.

Here is the thing, burgers are their specialty and I ordered my youngest son the grilled cheese sandwich, which he ate half of it on the walk from this food truck to our car parked about 50 meters away.  My other son had a cheeseburger which he inhaled so fast -- when we returned to my office, and he had sat down to eat it.  I had ordered their big burger, which was a large burger with cheese, bacon and a homemade onion relish.  I asked for mine without cheese and they delivered this:


Look at that above and tell me that your mouth is NOT beginning to water!  That looks absolutely delicious. They told me that while the fries were not homemade, but the burgers were ground, seasoned and cooked by them.  That relish only exists on the big burger and it is so perfect with everything.  The buns tasted as if they brushed them with butter and then after grilling them, sprinkled them with garlic powder.  They did that to the kids cheeseburger as well, which my son loved.  When I got to the office, I started to slice bits of this burger off and pass it around to people who just said "wow".  The burger is amazing as it is so tender, juicy and cooked perfectly.  An easy 4 out of 5, because not only was it really good, but it tasted different and so much better than the really good burgers I have seen before.

The thing is, if you see this truck, get the burgers!

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# DaWoodMan30
Wednesday, August 21, 2013 6:08 PM
50 "meters"? We're from St Louis - we don't know metric.

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