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What’s cooking St. Louis?

From Ted Drew’s frozen concrete to Imo’s Pizza, Crown Candy to Gus’ Pretzels, I am constantly dreaming of ways to incorporate St. Louis Icons into the menus through out our restaurants.  Whether it’s making our own pretzels in The Beer House or bringing back old favorites from St. Louis past such as the Brain Sandwich that was made famous by Lorraine and Bud Dieckmeyer as a staple on at their tavern on Broadway.  I am always looking for ideas from great farm to fork restaurants to fantastic street food any where I can get inspired.

I have been busy playing in the kitchen and I am working on a dish, which gives me a chance to toast and give a shout out to another one of St. Louis most famous culinary delights. The Toasted Rav!

Shortly, after reading that lasagna is the #1 downloaded recipe in the world. Yes, the World! It has been #1 for over 10 years and is estimated to have been viewed over 12 million times over the past 5 years alone. No wonder it’s called “the World’s best lasagna”

It made me begin to think of putting lasagna on the menu, so I asked myself…. How can I give it a St. Louis twist? It finally came to me after many days of playing in the kitchen and many nights of dreaming about food. Early one morning I sat straight up in bed at about 3 in the morning with the taste of Toasted Lasagna on my tongue.

So here is what we have come up with. You, let me know what do you think?

The Toasted Las.  I like to think of it as the big brother to the Rav……….  

Simple take your favorite lasagna recipe. When you pull it from the oven place another pan on top of it and let it cool. This will allow it to condense and remove any air gaps that are between the layers. When chilled over night. The next day remove from the pan and slice the lasagna into ¼ inch thick slices across the width. This will create the planks that will be breaded. You know you doing well if the lasagna planks look like thick cut bacon. Place the planks in your freezer if they need to set before breading.

Using a simple breading station of Flour, eggs and Italian bread crumbs, and don’t forget the cornmeal. Set up your breading station. Dip each plank into the flour coating all sides of the plank. Then place into the egg mixture and coat well, finally dredging through the flavored bread crumbs, making sure to dust them with corn meal and you go.

Either pan fry or deep fry until gold brown. I suggest plating two planks with fresh marinara and a blend of sauté Spinach and whole basil leaves. Be sure to garnish with a good shaved Parmesan Cheese.

So here is my challenge to all of you through out the St. Louis. In my recipe I use Veal, beef and pork. Which one of you has the best lasagna recipe in town? Send me your recipes I will love to try them. Maybe I can use it for the “Toasted Lasagna” in the restaurant when we roll out the new menu that is coming soon.  

I look forward to your recipes and remember to keep playing in the kitchen!

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