I can’t wait for the warmth of summer and make this snowy winter a thing of the past. If you’re new to St. Louis and really want to set your summer off right you can’t go wrong with one of St. Louis favorites. The “Pork Steak”. This favorite son of St. Louis has been around since the 1800’s and has been a staple on St. Louis menus all over town.

A thick cut steak cut from the pork butt grilled over an open grill to begin that depth of flavor that is as synonymous to our St. Louis family as the T-Rav and Provel cheese. That char flavor is just the beginning to the levels of flavor that will develop while you braise these steaks in Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce until they are tender and melt in your mouth. No wonder Kingsford Charcoal named St. Louis as “America’s Top Grilling City” in 2006.  St. Louis Pork Steak 

When we wanted to put the pork steak on our Beer House menu, I reached out to local families to find one of the best recipes in St. Louis and now we are sharing it with you.  For those of you who know me, I am always looking for a way to take food over the top and surprise our guest coming in. So in Beer House at RiverCity Casino we have gone super-sized, with a 4lb (!) Bone-in St. Louis Pork Steak with Fried onions and Potato Salad.

Step up to the plate and man up St. Louis! Here’s the challenge to you. In this corner weighing in at an outstanding 6 lbs we have one of St. Louis favorite sons. The STL Pork Steak grilled and braised to perfection, this Sweet Baby Creation has got a left hook of 1 lb Fired Onions and a powerful uppercut that will pound you into potato salad. Who is willing to step up and take on this challenge? All who enter this ring… will enter at their own risk. The question is who will be standing at the end of the 45 minute battle? 

Recipe for your home:


2 cups - Kosher Salt
4 tsp. - Cayenne Pepper, ground
4 tsp. - black pepper, ground
1 cups - paprika
2 Tbl. - Granulated onion
2 Tbl. - Granulated garlic

8 each  - 10 oz. pork steaks
1 gal - Sweet Baby Ray’s bbq sauce
¼ cup - Jack Daniel’s


Blend seasoning together and rub the pork steaks on both sides. Let rest for 30 minutes before grilling over and open flame. Place in deep pan and cover with bbq sauce and whiskey blend. Place pan on grill with medium heat and braise until tender. Cook until tender and meat is easy to pull apart.

Potato Salad

5 lbs - Red Potatoes cooked
1 each - Celery Stalks, fine diced
1/2 each - Onion, fine diced      
1 ½ cups - Mayo   
6 each - Eggs, Hard Boiled, diced   
½ cups - Dill Pickle, chopped   
1 tsp - Salt   
1 tsp - Black Pepper, ground
1 tsp - Cider Vinegar  
2 tsp - Dijon Mustard 
2 Tbl - Dill fresh, chopped   

Cook potatoes until they are just tender. Place in large bowl while they are still warm. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix. Be sure to break up the potatoes a little while you are mixing. This will allow the salad to blend better.

Also, did you know that mixing potato salad while that are still warm will allow the dressing to be absorbed into the potatoes so you have the flavor through out the potato not just on the potato. 

Fried Onions

1 ea -  large yellow onion, thinly sliced
1 Tbl -  Cajun seasoning
1 cup - AP Flour
1 tsp - kosher salt
1/2 cup - buttermilk
4 cup  - vegetable oil

Heat oil in large pan to 325 degrees and hold until you bread the onions in the flour mixture. Blend Dry ingredients together and place in medium bowl. In a separate bowl add buttermilk and sliced onions. Pull onions out of milk and dredge them in the flour. Remove excess flour and fry in oil until golden brown. Place on paper towel to dry excess oil.


Get more info from Chef John:



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# rustymkl2
Wednesday, March 26, 2014 2:27 PM
Sounds good but, they should braise in a beer and bbq sauce combo and though I am fond of sweet baby rays,Mauls bbq sauce would be the south side bbq sauce of choice.Long live the pork steak.

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