I met him a while ago. He always sort of stood out, though. Technically, there was nothing drop-dead sexy about him, but then I have rarely been seen dating the “drop-dead sexy” types. He was exactly my type: dark hair, kinda skinny, and with an edge to him. Yeah... the edge. I’m a sucker for “the edge”. I don’t think it’s the “bad boy” thing that attracts me, it’s the edge. If you’re like me, a torrent of emotions and far too empathetic for your own good, having someone in your life with a “screw it, who cares” mentality is a plus. You need someone to tell you to “screw it” now and then...  You need someone who is going to provide you with a little carelessness and playing hooky. And maybe they need someone is going to provide them with a little caring and warmth. (Though in my experience that isn’t the case. Unfortunately, men with a devil-may-care attitude often attribute that attitude to the women in their lives too.)

So, like I said, this dark-haired, skinny, edge-ridden man has been on the periphery of my life for a while. I have had, maybe, two conversations with him that haven’t been a solitary sentence. And usually that sentence is yelling at me not to take his photo. All the inane, stupid and unlikely ways to get his attention...I tried it. I tried responding to his tweets with clever, witty comments. No response. I tried to follow him on Facebook for a while, but that was about as exciting as watching paint dry. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the guy with a “screw it” mentality doesn’t really focus much on updating his social media. And whenever I tried to talk to him in person, he yelled at me. Clearly, this was a guy that was not interested. And that was fine. It wasn’t like I had an altar to him with lint I picked off his shirt, candles and a book on Wicca sitting open to some love-enchantment spell. (No, really. I didn’t. I swear!) So, I tucked the crush away in the dusty places crushes go when they don’t come to fruition and moved on.

And then, in the midst of the Mr. Perfect Who Used Me For Sex debacle, I had no pretense left. When I get in that place, you want to watch out... I’m liable to do anything. My tolerance for bullshit and petty games is at an all-time low. I’m gonna say what’s on my mind whether it’s a good idea or not. So, that is how I ended up telling him, bluntly and with very little expectation, that I’ve been trying to get his attention since the day I met him. It just...came out. For the first time since I’ve met this man, I was in an actual conversation with him! I was overwhelmed!

So, what happens to the geeky, overly-emotional girl who tells the edgy, “fuck it” guy that she has been trying to get his attention for years? Well...not much. Apparently this was news to him. And, actually, that makes sense... he has an edge. He doesn’t care. That’s his whole schtick! He admitted that he hadn’t noticed. (Like that was a surprise.) And we agreed that I had done a horrible job of getting him to notice me. And then, as it often does, life intervened and I got pulled away... Just as it was getting interesting!

I tried, in my subtle and completely ineffective way, to get his attention later that evening, but the cute blonde with popcorn was more intriguing to him. But I did unbutton his shirt and scrape my fingernails across his skin... Which makes it sound like I got a lot farther than I’m admitting. (Not the case.) Mmmmmmmmmm. Warm, soft skin...absolutely seductive. I hope the cute blonde enjoyed him later. I know I would have.

So, gents, let this be a lesson to you. if there is a woman hanging around in a general and somewhat odd way; she’s responding to your tweets, and tries to be an active Facebook friend, and approaches you in bars...she’s... Wait. When you list it out like that, it seems pretty obvious what I was doing, doesn’t it? Well, regardless, if she is doing all that she might be trying to get your attention... And if she unbuttons your shirt and lets her fingers graze across your skin....she’s REALLY trying to get your attention. So, PAY ATTENTION!

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Sook Deek
# Sook Deek
Saturday, November 19, 2011 1:12 PM
If you are that desperate for a cock to suck, give me a call.
Anonymous User
# Anonymous User
Thursday, December 01, 2011 9:51 PM

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