With a larger than life presence and enough confidence to fill an arena, pop music superstar P!nk brought her "Truth About Love" Tour to St. Louis on Monday night for a highly anticipated date at Scottrade Center. It may have been cold and rainy outside on this night, but inside the arena, it was white hot with an air of anticipation as 15,000+ filed in for the long sold out engagement to see one of pop music's biggest stars bring her high flying powerhouse of a show to town. The Truth About Love Tour was part sideshow, part Cirque du Soleil flying aerial circus and night of power packed pop hits from one of the top names in music today. And boy did it ever deliver.

Master of ceremonies Rubix Von Füchenhürtz primed the crowd before the first note as he traipsed through the audience with clown-like antics drinking patrons beers, licking bald men's heads and causing general mayhem around the arena. Von Füchenhürtz came to the stage to open the festivities with a passionate intro promising this tour will " take St. Louis by the cojones and burn this mother down". With that,  the curtain raised and the star of the show came exploding out of the stage (literally) for a soaring version of "Raise Your Glass" to open the show while being suspended from black bungee cords held by shirtless gentlemen hanging from a large chandelier. P!nk bounced and bounded throughout the song all while not missing a note. Certainly a huge start to the night and the tone was most assuredly for a scintillating 90 minute pop spectacle.

After a  writhing version of "Just Like a Pill", the singer quipped "Thank you for coming to play with us tonight " to which the legions of P!nk haired faithful shouted their approval. A sultry take on the anathematic "Try" was surely an early set highlight as P!nk's power packed voice rang through every inch of Scottrade Center like a cannon while she remain suspended over the stage spinning on aerial ribbons in quite an impressive athletic display. A pitch perfect take  on the classic Chris Isaak hit "Wicked Game" was next as P!nk gave everyone a chance to get their breath. A great choice of a cover here as it fit her vocal range near perfectly as the crowd grooved into this one perfectly on a cold November night. A simple piano intro led into P!nk's 2013 smash "Just Give Me a Reason" as fun front man Nate Ruess was projected on heart shaped screens behind the stage in a sort of digital duet to which the crowd sang back literally every word.

A guitar and energy infused version of "Trouble" rolled out next as P!nk slapped high fives in all directions while prowling every inch of the stage with brooding confidence. The aerobatics were back next as P!nk and her band rolled into a strong version of 'Sober' while she spun encased in a large circular cage contraption spinning  above the stage while dancers flanked her in all directions. It must be stated that the aerial precision of P!nk was dually impressive...and she did it all while singing each and every word. For all of the backing tracks and lip synching in pop music (looking at you Madonna), P!nk shuns all of that and somehow manages to hit every note while flying through the air. Very impressive.

Things were toned down next as P!nk appeared  a short time later seated simply at a piano while explaining " Every tour I like to learn something new, so this is it" before a soaring take on "The Great Escape" which she absolutely nailed and afterwards she joked " 110 shows and I finally got it right" much to the delight of the crowd. She was joined by guitarist Justin Derrico at the front of the stage next for a few toned down acoustic numbers of "Who Knew" and a PG-13 version of "F**kin' Perfect" as Scottrade soared high and chimed back in with an uproarious chorus. It was during this part of the show that P!nk's personality really began to shine through. Her interactions with fans close to the stage were real and you could feel her genuine appreciation for her fans and she let them know it. A huge cheer came when she donned a Fredbird hat on stage and was presented with a small Cardinals jersey from the crowd with her daughter's name Willow on the back. Surely a cool moment on this night.

The energy was ramped back up to an 11 next as a throwback medley of older P!nk hits were thrown in with electric versions of "Most Girls", "There You go" and "You Make Me Sick" that dropped on Scottrade center like a hammer.  As the show worked towards its crescendo, the crowd was dancing in the aisles during a furious and aggressive "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" as the crowd sang back to the stage note for note. For the final number of the night, P!nk took to the air one more time for a soaring version of "So What" that saw her literally flying 30 feet above the crowd like an eagle while diving and doing mi-air cartwheels in all directions. Quite a spectacle to be sure and something I have never seen before. With that, P!nk landed on the stage one final time before introducing her full band and dance crew and giving a big wave and a wink as she walked off the stage to an uproarious ovation.

All in all, P!nk delivered quite a spectacle on this night in St. Louis. A night packed with hits and enough production to make KISS jealous. The thing I walked out of this show with was just how strong and confident P!nk was as both an artist and a woman. In an era of twerking  Miley's, ridiculously costumed Gaga's and irrelevant Madonna's, P!nk manages to fly high above them all in the world of pop music and this show was a prime example of why. As a dad of a young daughter (and huge P!nk) fan, I only hope that she turns out to be as confident of a woman as we saw on stage last night at Scottrade Center. Lots of style....and plenty of substance. That's what P!nk delivers.



SETLIST - Pink at Scottrade Center 11/11/13
Raise Your Glass
Walk of Shame
Just Like a Pill
U + Ur Hand
Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
Wicked Game (Chris Isaak cover)
Just Give Me a Reason
Are We All We Are
The Great Escape
Who Knew
F**kin' Perfect
Most Girls / There You Go / You Make Me Sick
Slut Like You
Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
So What


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