If you haven’t noticed yet, Last Nights Vice’s latest video proves they have a stranglehold on the local music scene—with no intention of loosening the grip.

Their determination and drive to succeed surpasses that of many local bands, and holding true to the standard they set for themselves, the five-piece rock band debuted their second video, “Dance While You Still Have Time,” at
Nellie Glenn’s Saloon Saturday night.

The video for the latest single documented Last Nights Vice’s “St. Louis Takeover” in their efforts to play Pointfest this past May.

As the video begins, ‘This is a St. Louis take-over’ scrolls across the bottom of the screen, with a St. Louis map behind the text. The video cuts to clips of the band rushing through town, plastering Last Nights Vice posters at various intersections and power washing the band’s name onto the sidewalks. The scenes shifted in fast-paced motion, cutting back and forth from the outside action to being in their van tossing fliers around.

Cut to Pointfest. Last Nights Vice is stamping their logo and stage time on the arms (and other body parts) of anyone who walks by—shamelessly self-promoting with an inventive and eye-catching concept.

Cut to the band rolling up to Pop’s Nightclub. The performance begins. Lights flashing. Every member of the band rocking to end the video.

“Dance While You Still Have Time” takes a different approach than their first video (
“Lock & Key”), going for more of a documentary rather than story telling feel, but still captures their charismatic personalities (i.e. Jordan Phoenix standing with the power washer held up like a machine gun). It shows they want to be the best they possibly can, while making their efforts creative and exciting for themselves and their fans.

In addition to being entertaining, it proves how hard they work to get their name out. Running all around St. Louis, they put up posters and fliers at just about every major intersection and power-washed LNV stencils around town—even in front of the Pageant, as seen in the video.

When I first met (and interviewed) LNV just over two years ago, I found out about them through a media package they sent to my high school newspaper. Nobody on staff paid much attention to the packet, but something intrigued me.

Why would a local band even care about sending their work to a high school newspaper that barely had any awards to its name and wasn’t even well-known within the high school itself? Because even the smallest publication can make a difference and LNV realized—and appreciated—that.

Just one person taking an interest in what they do sets off a chain reaction. And honestly, if they wouldn’t have been working just as hard a couple years ago as they are now, I probably wouldn’t even know who they are, and I know for a fact I wouldn’t be writing this review.

Everything they do has a ripple effect that gives them more and more staying power within the industry. This video is just one more step on the path to success for this amazingly talented, hardworking band.
Check out more from Last Night's Vice: www.LastNightsVice.com

Photo credit:  David Moore


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