They once played a show to a near-empty swimming pool. They are named after a Muppet character. They sing love songs and dress as astronauts. And they are coming home this Saturday.

Ludo returns to St. Louis Aug. 6 at the Pageant with Tommy and the High Pilots, Sparks and the Rescue, Stamps and Without a Face. Moog-ist, vocalist and keyboardist Tim Convy talks about the band’s namesake, their favorite venue to play in St. Louis and much more.

InsideSTL: How did you come up with the name Ludo?
Tim Convy: Ludo is a character from a movie called “Labyrinth”… with David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly and a bunch of Muppets. And the main character’s sidekick is a large Muppet named Ludo.

InsideSTL: How did you come up with ideas/stories told in songs?
TC: With all the songs, usually Andrew or Tim Ferrell will come in with the song at different levels of development … Sometimes [he brings] just a few ideas and we kind of flush it all out together. The storytelling element is mostly Andrew, for sure.

InsideSTL: Which record truly represents the band?
TC: I think they’re all good snapshots, so to speak, of where we were at those different times … It’s tough [to choose], but I feel like the last two are pretty diverse. There’s serious stuff, heavy stuff, fun stuff, weird stuff. I guess the last one is probably most accurate with indicative of where we are now.

InsideSTL: If you could describe the band in one word what would it be and why?
TC: I try to avoid describing the band in one word. It’s so hard … Ridiculous. I think we are pretty ridiculous, even when we’re being serious … When we try to be serious sometimes it’s pretty ridiculous; to be a band performing [as] astronauts then turn around and sing a serious love song [is pretty ridiculous].

InsideSTL: What are you looking forward to most in coming back to St. Louis?
TC: I don’t know. It’s home so those shows tend to be our favorite … The Pageant is great … Everybody there is so good to us. Our friends and family show up to see us. There are people showing up since we started. We played our first show in St. Louis at Cicero’s in 2003. People who were at that show [still come out to see us at the Pageant] … It’s nice to reflect back on all that and how far we’ve come.

InsideSTL: What is your favorite venue to play in St. Louis?
TC: The Pageant is. We don’t play many other places. A lot of the place where we started out aren’t around anymore. [We used to play] Mississippi nights … [and] the creepy Crawl … [But] we like [The Pageant] quite a bit.

InsideSTL: What is your least favorite song to play live?
TC: Well, fortunately we don’t really play my least favorite songs to play live … On different nights there are things I’m not really feeling or we’re not really feeling. There’s not any song just regularly like, ‘Uugghh.’ That we don’t really play anymore. I’d say it rotates [what songs we play]…

InsideSTL: What would you say is the weirdest or most interesting thing that’s happened on tour, either this tour specifically or throughout your career?
TC: I don’t know. There’s so many things … There’s so many stories especially when we were starting out. We played at a college in Dallas. It was supposed to be a pool party, but literally nobody was there, not even the guy who booked the show … It was just us playing to a pool. There was one guy swimming laps. The highlight was that Tim Ferrell played solo from lifeguard stand…

InsideSTL: I noticed there’s a Tumblr called "
Fuck yeah Tim Convy,” and I was just wondering if you’ve seen it and your thoughts on it.
TC: I have seen it, and I get a real kick out of it, and I don’t know. I didn’t put it up or anything. I think it’s pretty funny. I’m glad people enjoy it. There’s a lot of very, very embarrassing stuff up there like the miniature videos of me dancing, [laughs] but I like it.

InsideSTL: Is there anything you’d like to add about the tour, the band or just anything I didn’t really touch on?
TC: We’re excited about the Pageant. People should definitely come early and check out the other bands…

For more information on the tour, head over to
Ludosummertour.com and to purchase tickets, go here.

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