It is in our nature to question things. It is also very important that we ALWAYS challenge authority, to some degree, and not just buy into what’s being crammed in our ass…unless it’s Rush Week and/or smaller than a tube of lipstick and lubricated, but I digress.

I question how the pyramids were built, this continual claim that we “landed on the moon” and the farce that “Larry the Cable Guy” has one iota of discernible talent that doesn’t involve a chicken wing or spit cup.

When we aren’t conducting our own due diligence, or at least having some suspicion to what we’re “sold” as truth by our government, we are in danger of becoming the sheep we’ve read about in historical empires of our dusty text books.

There also comes a level of responsibility and integrity when doing so, increasingly so in this “what’s on my screen is truth” internet age.

I’m a champion of the conspiracy theory and I obviously love the freedom to express my honest thoughts in a format where others can react however they see fit. But there’s a difference…

I’ll have some cheeky fun (though I still don’t believe it happened) with the internet shit on camera angles, shadows, wind and the presence of a “fluffer” in the backdrop of the moon surface set, but nobody died…ESPECIALLY somebody’s children.

What I’m dancing around here is this 30-minute video that has hit the social media landscape and “proves” to us that either the Sandy Hook massacre didn’t exist at all or was somehow manipulated or perpetrated by our government.

This thing sickens me to no end. Some asshole with some basic computer skills and simple editing tools, who likely hasn’t had a date or meaningful job in 10-years, is now somehow taken at his gospel by a bunch of “click and forward” masses who have no idea if he’s the CEO of Conspiracy, Inc. or, more likely, a fry cook at McFatasses. For the record, neither do I, nor frankly, do I give a shit.

Let me be perfectly clear. I do not hold ill will, per se, against those who are watching, forwarding or even believing this horseshit. As I’ve iterated, mild suspicion is healthy, while major inquisition becomes absolutely necessary at times. But I do think some should pump the brakes before a kneejerk reaction, and definitely wait until some SOLID PROOF is presented before publicly jumping on such bandwagons, or even just openly having some questions about.

My dislike of our current President has been well documented on these pages, but I no more believe that he orchestrated such a horrific event to drive a gun control agenda than I do that George Busch was behind the attacks of September 11th to drive public support for a war in the Middle East.

This is sickening and it’s sickening because innocent men, women and children have lost their lives, and many people’s lives have been shattered by the loss of mothers, fathers and, the worst loss of all, their own kids.

The “didn’t exist” or “acted out” angle is less offensive, as it would mean that the loss of young lives did not actually occur, which would be a good thing. Where this becomes horribly insulting is when you can prance out the family members of those who are now without children, brothers and sisters, but can still open their Facebook accounts and be innocently subjected to some video reposted without an ounce of thought as to the potential reach of its’ intended target audience.

If 9/11, Sandy Hook or even the goddamned Holocaust (as some ridiculously also buy into) were “faked” or, Chuck Norris forbid, somehow orchestrated by our government, and REAL PROOF of this is eventually brought to the light of day by some designated and respectable entity, I will write you 7,000-words of “I’ll suck your dick in public” apology and let you throw salt-soaked, hypocritical daggers at me for a fortnight.

Then again, if something as large and frightening as that is actually found to have been successfully pulled off by the “powers that be”, I suspect we’ll be in a place where I’ll no longer be able to express my free speech and F-words on here for your weekly sustenance, so that’s out the window.

To insinuate, FOR ONE SECOND, even from the insulated bubble of your laptop, that somebody somewhere has not really lost their child, when an overwhelming amount of evidence to the latter exists, is EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE.

I have relationships with some very intelligent, thoughtful and downright good people who have posted these things and I am not upset with them in the least. This is the world we live in and I, myself, have been plenty guilty of posting, forwarding or outright writing shit before putting it through the proper channels of filtering and thought that I probably should.

My absolute anger is with this shit-stain of a human being, or beings, who took the time to edit and post this filth to a venue where they knew exactly what the exposure would be and not just some nut-job website or message board, of which there are plenty.

Had my child been killed at Sandy Hook, and my thoughts are with those whose were, I would quite seriously track down this hack and put a beat down on him that would have the LAPD envious.

The moon landing was not dead children and the Kennedy assassination was questioned by some very reputable corners of society…there IS a difference.

Responsible “Facebooking”, coming soon to a community near you…KMFP-out!

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# brockohol
Tuesday, January 15, 2013 1:02 PM
Would have been nice if you connected a link to this video you speak of so we know what the fuck your talking about...

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