Two things occurred locally in the last few weeks that have got my ass in a snit and are a microcosm of our broken-ass “justice” system. A habitual drunk driver killed a child and a lowlife fucking pedophile abducted another one who, by the grace of Mr. T., was actually found alive. The fact that both of these men were in a position to do so is absolutely sickening.

By the time Ricky Weeden hit 2-brothers with his vehicle on October 5th, killing one, he had already been arrested for suspicion of drunken driving 11-times. Yes, you read that correctly…ELEVEN…FUCKING…TIMES. This was also the 2nd time his doing so had resulted in death, yet somehow, he’s still out on the street and operating a motor vehicle.

When Jeffrey Dean Shelton cut the screen out of a window and removed a 5-year old girl from her home in Poplar Bluff, MO on October 24th, he did so as a free man who had already been convicted for the kidnap and rape of a 12-year old Texas girl in 1990. Twenty-two years later and he’s out doing it again.

What the fuck is wrong with this world. While these offenses are quite different in nature, where they are similar is in the lack of importance we seem to place on them as a society. They swept inner cities in the 1980’s with a “war on drugs” and locked up slews of junkies who were in possession of minute amounts of crack cocaine, many of which are still incarcerated. Others fill jail cells because of “three strikes” laws on the books, while the nature of their “strikes” could be questioned.

Am I defending those people – not exactly? But I make no qualms in admitting that I’d trade the release of some crack-head, habitual burglar or pot dealer over that of any piece of fuck that harms a child or somebody with a pattern of drunk driving. My dangers with the junky may be fighting the urge of a $3-blowjob or having my car window busted for change in the cup-holder, and sure, a burglar may steal my television.

However, somebody unknowingly casing my child for abduction or willingly, and repeatedly, placing themselves in a steel projectile with the potential of running head-on into a minivan filled with an innocent family, prove far more detrimental in my little world.

As with all of my ramblings, there’s definitely hypocrisy in play here. I’d be a liar, as would most of you, to say I’ve never operated a vehicle while under the influence, even if slightly. It embarrasses me and upsets me to know the damage I could’ve caused, as it should you all. I did it knowingly and with NOTHING but selfishness as an excuse, and I’d argue with anybody who offers a different one.

I can’t change the fact that I very well could’ve killed somebody, on many occasions, and I also won’t be in denial of that fact, as many are, bragging about their drunken driving prowess. I would expect to have been punished to the fullest had I done so and, frankly, am not sure I wouldn’t exact my own punishment, unable to deal with what I had done.

I have no hypocritical side when it comes to the pedophilia and molestation. I was actually on the wrong end of that “stick” (yeah, horrible pun) and have quite strong feelings about it. While I was lucky compared to others, the damage incurred was real and something I’ll deal with until I leave this wretched hellhole. I’ve shared it before and absolutely believe a pedophile has ZERO shot at “rehabilitation” and should, under NO circumstances, be released to society again. Prison may not always be the answer, but sterilization and a controlled psychological lockup of some sort with others of their pathetic kind is, at the very least.

The statistics are far too glaring and they themselves have expressed their own likelihood to repeat offenses and the inability to fight the “urge”. They are undoubtedly sick and were born with some sort of brain ailment, which I’m sorry for. There are bad seeds in every breed of animal and ours is no different. Some just have to be eradicated. Obviously we’re not going to be systematically killing molesters anytime soon; we’re too big of pussies for that. Some, or likely multiple, groups would stand up and scream at their rights and illness. But you know what, they once put lepers in colonies and these sick fucks are far more deserving than they were.

Fence those assholes in, let them trade their sick stories, fantasies and images while the rest of can keep a little less of an eye on our kids at all times. While I realize the offender registry has its’ own issues, I guarantee you that a simple search of it will highly disturb you as to the amount in your immediate area.

We can be diligent in our efforts to protect our children from these animals but protecting them, as well as ourselves, from a high speed metal missile hitting you in an instant is another story, and a far more likely one I’d argue. It’s frightening how passé we’ve become as people to drunk driving and even more frightening with the same attitude in lawmakers and enforcement.

I can logon to facebook any given weekend and point out multiple examples of checkpoint warnings or “comical” stories of “making it home” the night before. Then there’s the lambasting of such checkpoints and insult of officers involved. The fact that we feel comfortable openly sharing this in a public forum speaks volumes. Again, I’ve been there, but that doesn’t make it right.

DUI’s are a cash cow, pure and simple. They don’t want to fix this problem; they simply want to keep milking it and all of its revenue producing glory. This is not limited to law enforcement and legislature, but also extends to treatment facilities and government mandated “classes” which, of course, come with a price tag. If they really wanted to put a dent in this epidemic, and it IS an epidemic, they’d factory install breath-activated ignition locks on every vehicle coming off of an assembly line.

Sounds crazy, and people surely would bitch about their rights, but the same has happened with seatbelts and helmets, which I’d actually argue are far more intrusive. The cost of this device mandated on a mass scale would be minimal to the manufacturer or consumer and its’ effectiveness would be undeniable. If you bitch about it, it’s because you know it would affect the way you’re living. We start by fixing ourselves and then we’d be surprised with how our perception changes.

Again, FUCK the Giants…KMFP-out!

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