You’re one of those rare, patriotic folk with USA blood running through your soul and a childhood growing up with a desire to serve your country in some manner. As an adult, you become an ambassador and travel the world in the interest of public relations and some level of harmony.

While performing your duty in a very hostile area of the world, and approaching the 11th anniversary of the single most devastating attack to take place on U.S. soil, your concerns grow as to the level of protection you are receiving and these concerns are passed on to your superiors.

Despite these pleas, your security remains at a minimum and, on said anniversary, an all-out, PLANNED terrorist attack is administered on the embassy you are assigned to, forcing you to fend for yourself and retreat to hiding. Many calls for help are relayed, with a nearby CIA detail also receiving said calls. Brave men there, Navy SEALS, rush to assist you, ignoring orders to “stand down”, feeling that the pledge they have taken to uphold American lives greatly outweighs the perceived unimportance their superiors seem to place on the situation.

These brave men will be the only ones to come to your defense, despite MANY being privy to your predicament, and a very lengthy time to respond in relation to the logistics of nearby available aid. In the 7-horrifying hours that follow, yourself, the 2-aforementioned SEALS and 1-other American will lose their lives in the middle of a well-organized attack and with an unknowing sense of fear I never wish to imagine…all while the highest level of your own country’s government sat and monitored the gory developments, yet sat on their bloody hands.

The following few weeks would find your loss of life reduced to the excuse of a mob action that had quickly and unexpectedly escalated over something as ridiculous as the trailer of an anti-Islamic, 3rd-rate film that had been posted on YouTube. This half-assed, bullshit of an excuse would be given as a blatant slap in the face of the duty you provided and the brave manner in which you died providing it. It would not only be given as an inexcusable lie to the American people, but also deceivingly, and with an unbelievable straight face, to the wife, children, parents and various other family members you now left behind.

After all…it was an election year.

This is not some paperback story or made-for-TV late night TNT flick, yet an actual occurrence that took place on September 11th of this year. It was not even 2-months ago and now, with a Presidential election 24-hours away, MANY of you still have no idea what the fuck I am talking about. This is not only a sad reflection of us as a society, but also of a media that has become the exact opposite of what it was designed to be.

Watergate was discovered, reported, investigated and acted upon because of an unbiased media and the diligence of a few reporters to do what they had dedicated their careers to doing and relate an obvious misuse of power to the American people. Watergate was a shitty, botched robbery attempt, revealing a state of paranoia and dereliction of duty in the absolute highest level of government. Watergate resulted in impeachment for Richard Nixon…and nobody died.

What has occurred in Benghazi, Libya makes Watergate look like fucking dry-humping, yet arguably half of your fellow Americans will go to the polls on Tuesday, faces buried in their goddamned cell phones, fully aware of what somebody they went to high school with 23-years ago had for breakfast that fucking morning, but no idea of what their current Commander in Chief knew in relation to the first United States ambassador killed in 33-years.

Watergate had nothing on this bullshit, but we’re too wrapped up in our PDA’s, “Pinterest”, “Facebook”, “Twitter” and some stupid-ass vampire franchise about to release another film to invest our time in educating ourselves before sticking the pointy end of a stylus through a ballot at our local library. Combine that with an irresponsible media that has grown beyond its’ original intention and now exists for the sole benefit of a partisan agenda and the advancement of said agenda, and you have an uneducated mob of blind masses who are no wiser to the ways of the world than they are to who is fucking who on “Jersey Shore”.

Use your phones, watch your shit-shows, hell I do, but read a fucking newspaper now and then and flip the channels around to some news outlets. Or, Chuck Norris forbid, when you’re on the computer for one of your 7-hours daily, use that goddamned thing to educate yourself and research on your own the events that have taken place that directly affect your little life in Middle America.

I try not to get too political, but my not so subtle hints in past columns have made my leanings very clear, and I make no qualms or hold no shame for that. Regardless, it is unconscionable and irresponsible that ANY sitting President, regardless of party affiliation, will not be required to answer questions on such a potentially game-changing issue before the very people he has been elected to represent are to vote on the status of his continued representation.

It sickens me for us as a “free” country and it sickens me more for the families of those 4-brave men who deserve an answer, and the right of clueless people to voice a well-founded opinion on whether or not the leadership that was in place is one they are comfortable moving forward with.

I don’t ask you to vote one way or the other, I just ask you to vote. But, FIRST AND FOREMOST, I ask you to spend your free time on Monday forming an intelligent base for whichever direction you are casting that vote. I ask you to research this attack. My voice is quiet and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but if I propel any of you to research what I’ve written and at least feel good in your hearts after doing so, I sleep a little easier. Place an educated vote and be able to rest what you stand for on the foundation of that vote. Enjoy Election Day fuckers!

Google “Benghazi”…KMFP-out!

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