This is it, folks. By the end of Tuesday night, Vin Diesel willing, we will all have the answer as to who will lead this wonderful nation of ours for the next 4-years. Regardless of the outcome, I’ve never seen a more divisive, polarizing race, in my 20-years of voting, as the one that’s just wrapping up.

After promising to bring the country together like never before, I’d argue that we’re now even more at odds with each other than at any point in recent history. There is a definite socioeconomic divide and the racial tension has gone completely in the wrong direction. Families are feuding and lifelong friends have quit speaking, all because they differ in political opinion, which is fucking ridiculous.

I have no problem with different opinions, as long as they’re voiced with respect. I voted early (not often – I’m not in Illinois…) and my vote against Barack Obama does not make me racist. I didn’t vote against Bill Clinton twice because I hate stump-jumping hill-jacks, Al Gore because I hate “global warming” nut-jobs or John Kerry because I hate horses. I have plenty of hatred in this cold heart of mine, but like to think my intelligence and family impact actually steer my choices for President.

I don’t give 2-shits if you’re choice of candidates, including President, is completely different from mine. I just hope you believe in those choices and have a solid foundation in forging them. We didn’t become friends because of our political leanings and we’re family by none of our choices. Vote the way you want, I will do the same, and have zero ill will. In four years, we’ll do it all again.

Now that I’ve laid out that disclaimer, if you’re pro-Obama, you may want to quit reading right now, as it’s time for my hypocritical ass to sound off – you’ve been warned.

On this glorious Election Day, I give you some KMFP-oetry:

Dearest Barack
       You’ve pissed off your flock
I believe that your days here are numbered

Successes were minimal
       Benghazi was criminal
These facts, they have left you encumbered

Oh, dearest Barack
       Your term was a crock
No progress, no “hope” and no “change”

Your resume sucked
       The country got fucked
This job was just out of your range

Yes, dearest Barack
       I hope it’s a shock
And we’re voting you out come tomorrow

Your base, they can’t face this
       They’ll call us all racist
And I’ll bask all night long in their sorrow

If you’ve somehow been blind to my loyalties up until now, there it was, laid out in black and white, no pun intended. If these differences make you hate me and you quit reading because of them (and not my constant vulgarity), so be it.

Our differences are what define us and it’s fucking awesome. Whether it be in the words that we use (I prefer “fuck”), the churches that we attend (I prefer “none”) or the way that we vote (hmm?), we’re all different, but it doesn’t make us all bad. Life would suck even worse if we all just agreed, celebrate that shit.

Whatever the outcome, let’s hope this is it and there’s no legal action or contesting of the outcome for the next 3-months. I’d like to see my Facebook friends back to such captivating topics as their daily meal choices, with pictures if we’re lucky, and how perfect their life is. And I’d like to get back to writing on such uncontroversial topics as sports, masturbation and the horseshit that was the “moon landing”.

Here’s to hoping that Wednesday morning MISTER Obama is fielding a call from Jimmy Carter, thanking him for bumping him up a slot on that “worst ever” list.

Punch your ticket…KMFP-out!

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# cdengler
Tuesday, November 06, 2012 10:29 AM
We landed on the moon?!?
Mike in South City
# Mike in South City
Wednesday, November 07, 2012 1:51 AM
KMFP....Obama is still President, and you still suck cock!
Wednesday, November 07, 2012 5:52 AM
"Mike in South City", you are correct on both fronts...though it really only touched my lips and that was 30-something years ago at summer camp. I'm still less embarassed about that than I am for what we just did as a country.

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