It’s good that I’ve had the weekend off before writing, as kneejerk is usually the wrong reaction. And though I’m certain you’ve all likely had your fill of the story by now, as a columnist (bear with me), I do feel an obligation to opine on the topic, regardless of your perception of my ability to do so.

That being said, I’ll try to simplify a topic that is far from just that and take somewhat of a different view, for what it’s worth and regardless of whether or not you agree.

I’ll start by saying that the word “hero” is thrown around these days with such ease and “looseness”, if you will, that we have all but watered down the true definition of it. With the teachers at this school, we again saw that definition come to the forefront. These people, paid a pittance by our tax money, thought not first of their own lives, but that of children whose own relatives have likely complained of that very tax money and to what use it is put, often adding such gems as “they’re off 2-months per year” or “they only work 6-hours a day”.

Unlike a police officer or fireman, both of whom know exactly what the possible dangers of their chosen careers encompass, a teacher should NEVER have such peril in their hands.

However, when unfairly put there, you see how they react. They don’t spend every off duty day wearing “look at me” clothing that brags to the world about what they do, blatantly seeking thanks or kudos. Teachers go about their business, privately very proud of their profession, full-well knowing the disdain, ridicule and critique with which A LOT of people speak of it.

They’re not seeking your tax money, your compliments or, least of all, your approval, which is a good thing. Often attacked for how they “treat” them, they have no reason to necessarily invest the care that they do in your children, but life and emotion take over, leaving most with an innate responsibility for your child’s safety, ahead of their very own.

Whether you like them or not, thank your child’s teacher today, if only for the fact that damned near everyone of them would jump in the line of fire to save them, regardless of what a little shit they can often be.

Moving on, I’d like to say that this tragic event is not political, religious or any other view you want to use for your own selfish motivation or validation, and the following issues and clichéd phrases do not apply:

• Gun control
• Conceal and carry
• Bullying
• Prayer in schools
• School security
• Mental healthcare
• Video games
• Music

 • “trying to make sense of this”
• “everything happens for a reason”
• “God has a plan” or “God’s will”
• “early signs”

We can jump on all of these topics and argue them until our brain fucking explodes, but standing alone, or in conjunction with others and the events that transpired, you are doing nothing more than spinning your wheels and also failing to see one, important fact.

This act was committed by a sociopath determined on a particular outcome. All of the fences, walls, ceilings, metal detectors and guards can be placed around all of our schools, daycares, theaters, sporting venues and shopping malls that you care to put there but two things stand out.

One – short of us all being prepared to live in some sort of police state within our own “free” country, how much and how long do we let the evil and cowardly acts of others affect the happiness of our own lives and the freedom in which we are left to conduct them? Not arguing either way, just pointing out the reality of what we’d potentially be condoning.

Two – the act of a delusional sociopath with a morbid agenda WILL be carried out, regardless of the weapon of choice and security or hindrance that we think we’ve put in place to discourage such things. Living our lives in fear of these people will only make us prisoners to our own home and people on the verge of our own mental breakdowns.

There have AND ALWAYS WILL BE sociopathic people, with the sole intent of infamy and harm to as many innocents as possible. This was true before guns and would be after. My concern is with the seemingly increased amount of them in today’s society.

To that end, I blame us, and that’s what my main point boils down to. Do your best to quit raising sociopaths. Put away the “don’t want to hurt their feelings” and “I’m my child’s friend” bullshit and start whooping deserving asses.

Quit defending your child against any self-perceived slight that a teacher, principal, coach or police officer may have committed against them and teach them some actual responsibility and fucking remorse.

Instead of blaming every little thing wrong in theirs, or your own life, on upbringing, society, “the man” or, worst of all, the newest goddamned acronym available, suck it up and teach them how to persevere and the reward that comes along with this. Teach them the value of human life and, especially, the value of a fulfilled human life.

The World War II generation was our greatest ever and had more reason than we can ever imagine for making excuses. But they weren’t overmedicated, labeled or patted on their soft, little asses for all that ailed them until they grew into the biggest bunch of “pussified” adults this world has ever witnessed.

Look, I could come up with a list, as A LOT of you could, of unfair dealings and some horrible shit that life has dealt me and choose to use that as grounds for every little failure I’ve had (and there are many) or some ridiculous excuse to shoot up a fucking public venue, but I don’t – and neither do you.

Ma and Pop beat my ass, insisted on respect, accountability and hard work, while also giving those trusted with my education and well-being the freedom and DISCIPLINE necessary to carry that out, without running to my defense anytime that young KMFP’s precious little feelings were hurt.

My heart is arguably darker than most and I can be an asshole of immeasurable proportions. But I respect the life of others and, most definitely, the innocence of a child. Like a dog with a thirst for blood or the possible mutation of any living organism within our world, crazy motherfuckers and sociopaths are GOING to exist, often regardless of how they were raised. Let’s quit increasing the likelihood.

May the victims of Sandy Hook rest in the greatest of peace…KMFP-out!

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# brockohol
Monday, December 17, 2012 8:09 AM
If you truly believe in God/Jesus and that he created everything/everyone, that he is "everywhere", that we are all his "children", he sees all, etc...how do you still go to pray after something like this? It just mystifies me. If you actually believed all of these things wouldn't the logical conclusion be that God allowed or even planned this?

I dont think you are wrong for bringing it up in this article KMFP because its been shoved down our throats since this happened. If one more person asks me to "Like" or forward another Bible excerpt or quote about how Jesus is now going to take these children into heaven, Im going to explode.

Lets focus on the actual important things here (as you stated in this article) 1. Honor these children and their families 2. Brave Teachers that reportedly saved many more lives

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