Friendly’s Presents Week 21 of The Football Picks of The Week

And so we arrive at AFC/NFC Championship Weekend.

Three games left to pick. This weekend…and the Super Bowl.

After going 2-2 last weekend, my record on the year went to 66-62. Nothing special. But, it clinched the side bet among me, Producer Joe, and Denny From Friendly’s.

While I’m happy to win, the absolute best I can do this year would be 69-62. That means my best case winning percentage would be 53%.

That’s not particularly impressive.

Perhaps I need to stick to Locks of The Week…and @ProdJoe needs to stick to picking over/unders on soccer games.

Of course, of all the people participating in the Friendly’s Picks last week, not one went 4-0.

Not many even went 3-1. But, of those who did, Rob Ross won the tiebreaker for his point total on the 49ers-Packers, and therefore, Rob Ross wins a $25 gift certificate to Friendly’s Sports Bar And Grill.

This week, with only two games, we’ll need two tiebreakers. So, with your picks, also give the total points for the Falcons-49ers and the Patriots-Ravens.

49ers (-4.5) at Falcons

Producer Joe: 49ers (-4.5)

Denny: 49ers (-4.5)

Tim: 49ers (-4.5)

Ravens at Patriots (-9)

Producer Joe: Ravens (+9)

Denny: Ravens (+9)

Tim: Patriots (-9)

Log-in and make your picks. Select the winner of each game, and give the point total of each game. Whoever does the best wins a $25 gift certificate to Friendly’s Sports Bar And Grill.

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