Friendly’s Presents Week 22 of The Football Picks of The Week

And so here we are…like Boyz II Men said…at The End of The Road.

Unlike Boyz II Men, this section hasn’t led to any panties dropping, and it hasn’t led to anybody getting rich.

Quite frankly, it’s been a failure on my part, on Denny from Friendly’s part, and on Producer Joe’s part. You expect us to give you good knowledge, and we didn’t deliver.

I picked 130 games since late August in this section…and I won two more than I lost.

What’s worse?

That was good enough to “win” the side bets with @ProdJoe and Denny.

As Doug Vaughn would say, “I’ve been disappointed in football prognosticators before, but never to this extent.”

Here are the standings going into the Super Bowl:

Tim: 66-64
Producer Joe: 64-66
Denny: 60-68

In seriousness, I want to thank Denny from Friendly’s for sponsoring the section all year. Producer Joe and I had a chance to go down to his place and have lunch with him Tuesday. He’s just a damn good guy. And, on top of that, Friendly’s makes some outstanding fried chicken.

Congratulations to Dakter. He won the AFC/NFC Championship weekend. That’s good for a $25 gift certificate to Friendly’s.

And, we still have one more Friendly’s gift certificate to give away.

But, with only one game, how will we decide the winner?

Well, here’s what you need to pick:

1.    49ers (-3.5) vs. Ravens
2.    Over/under 47.5
3.    Over/under of Alicia Keys’ National Anthem Length: 2 minutes 8 seconds or more

And, as a tiebreaker: the exact score.

Whoever does the best wins a $25 gift certificate to Friendly’s.

And, with that, for one last time in the 2012-13 season…

49ers (-3.5) vs. Ravens

Producer Joe: I lost this year in the picks contest to Timmy and I am absolutely gutted about it. Looking back on the year my Locks of the Week were pretty much garbage and there was one week when I had to go back home to Atlanta because my sister was having a baby that I absolutely mailed it in.  So congrats to Tim but I will be back next year.  On to the game on Sunday.  I have liked the Niners since they won the NFC Championship Game and before the other game started.  I didn't care who they were playing because I think the NFC is far superior to the AFC this season and already heading into 2013's season.  It amazed me the love everyone had for the Broncos heading into the postseason because they had won 11 games in a row & no one wanted to talk about what teams they beat during that stretch.  There is just this odd narrative that goes along with it all.  I believe that right now if I was offered a wager on the Super Bowl next year where the NFC was laying 3.5-5.5 points you would be crazy to bet against the conference. 

All of that is a long winded way of saying, take the Niners and lay the 3.5 points.  I would feel comfortable laying as many as 6.5 and being worried about it. Pick: 49ers (-3.5)

Props that I like as well.
Heads -105.
First score won't be a TD +130
Both teams will have a lead in first half +125
Torry Smith over 61.5 receiving yards
Kaepernick MVP +120

Denny: Ravens (+3.5)

Tim: Maybe I’m off the mark on this, and considering my 66-64 record, I don’t have a whole lot of juice, but I think the 49ers win this pretty comfortably. I have a great deal of respect for the Ravens, but without a blown coverage by Denver they aren’t even in the AFC Championship Game, and without the Patriots being crippled by injuries, I’m not sure they get by New England. Either way, I would’ve taken the 49ers against whoever won the AFC Championship Game. Maybe my read is off, but I think this game will be similar to some of those high scoring but not really close Super Bowls of the 1980’s. Pick: 49ers (-3.5)

Log-in to participate in the fun and games. Now’s your chance to compete for the $25 gift certificate to Friendly’s. Remember, pick the winner, the over/under of 47.5, the over under of the National Anthem of 2 minutes 8 seconds, and as the tiebreaker, the exact final score.

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