Las Vegas Sets The MLB Over/Under For Teams’ Win Totals

If you listen to The Ryan Kelley Morning After on CBS Sports 920, I’m sure you’ve heard me say over and over again that I am in lust with the over on the Cardinal win total of 90.5 this year.

Last year, the play was the under on the Yankees’ win total of 88---which shipped---and this year it’s the over on the Cardinals.

Injuries can destroy projections, but if the 2014 Cardinals stay within the mean of standard injuries during this regular season, I think the possibility of them winning 100 games is high…much less winning 91 or more to cover the over.

Bovada.lv has released their win total over/unders for all teams, and it’s the Dodgers who are at the highest mark (92.5), and the Astros who are at the lowest (62.5).

One of the reasons I’m so high on the Cardinal win total this year is my belief that the National League Central will be relatively weak. Las Vegas sees it in a similar light, as there’s no bigger gap between divisional 1st place teams and 2nd place teams in the projections as there is in the National League Central. The Cardinals (92.5) have a nine game differential between them and the Reds (84.5). For the record, the Pirates are at 83.5, the Brewers 79.5, and the Cubs at 69.5.

You’re welcome to dissent now…or just ATFT (After The Fact Tweet) rip me in October if I’m off the mark…but if I can get to Las Vegas between now and the start of the season, I’ll be putting a lovely wager on the Cardinals to cover the over on 90.5 wins.

Here’s a look at all of the team win totals from Bovada.lv:

Los Angeles Dodgers        92.5
St. Louis Cardinals        90.5
Detroit Tigers            89.5
Oakland Athletics        88.5
Tampa Bay Rays            88.5
Washington Nationals        88.5
Atlanta Braves            87.5
Boston Red Sox            87.5
Los Angeles Angels        86.5
New York Yankees        86.5
San Francisco Giants        86.5
Texas Rangers            86.5
Cincinnati Reds            84.5
Pittsburgh Pirates        83.5
Kansas City Royals        81.5
Seattle Mariners        81.5
Arizona Diamondbacks        80.5
Baltimore Orioles        80.5
Cleveland Indians        80.5
Milwaukee Brewers        79.5
Toronto Blue Jays        79.5
San Diego Padres        78.5
Colorado Rockies        76.5
Philadelphia Phillies        76.5
Chicago White Sox        75.5
New York Mets            73.5
Minnesota Twins            70.5
Chicago Cubs            69.5
Miami Marlins            69.5
Houston Astros            62.5

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Mike in South City
# Mike in South City
Thursday, February 27, 2014 8:22 AM
Baseball Prospectus has the over/under for Cardinals at 88. For Dodgers they have it at 98. So, I'm all in on the over for the Dodgers.
# koll27
Thursday, February 27, 2014 2:25 PM
90.5 could be 15 wins too low, and I'm not exaggerating. Their pitching is that good and the division, which accounts for 2/3 of their games is awful. That is a recipe for good fortunes. Tim, if you get to Vegas, I want to send a small taste with you, it's a layup.

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