Missouri And Saint Louis U. Odds To Win The Conference Tournaments

I don’t know about you, but I can’t recall a year in which I’m less interested in the NCAA Tournament as a whole.

Let me make it clear that I’m fired up about the Billikens, but the recent slump has me worried. The win at UMass has me hoping they’ll get back to the January play more than the issues that caused problems in late February and early March.

Missouri? Well…awful.

Oftentimes writers/broadcasters like to leave an out on a critical opinion so as to leave themselves wiggle room from getting ATFT (After The Fact Tweeted) by keyboard gangsters should that opinion prove to be a disaster (as an example…see my prediction on the Broncos’ pounding the Seahawks in the Super Bowl). But, in this case, I’ll make it clear (crystal) that I’d be shocked if Missouri’s season (not including the NIT or any of those other commercial vehicle tournaments) lasts more than two games.

But, it’s not the fact that Missouri is all but done that is causing me to have less of an interest in the NCAA Tournament. Hell, they sucked plenty of years (2004-2008 didn’t feature an appearance in the NCAA Tournament), and I was into the tournament then.

I think it’s all of the new faces each year on so many of the teams (including Missouri). Saint Louis U.’s setup with all of the seniors is rare. You get to know the players and become familiar with their games. That’s the complete opposite of the way it is at many of the schools.

So it goes…things change.

One thing that doesn’t, however, is that gambling brings everyone together this March with NCAA Tournament Pools…and if you really want to degen out…betting on conference tournaments.

Saint Louis U. is 3:1 to win the Atlantic 10 Tournament according to Bovada.LV. VCU is the favorite at 3:2.

And what about Missouri?

They’re a 25:1 to win the SEC Tournament. That puts them as the sixth most likely team to win the SEC Tournament…behind obvious favorite Florida (2:3). Kentucky (3:1), Tennessee (4:1), Georgia (16:1), and Arkansas (16:1) are ahead of the Tigers.

Value play: Tennessee at 4:1. That team is red hot. They’ve been pwning teams before the destruction of Missouri Saturday.

If you’re looking to creep out on other teams in conference tournaments, here’s a look at the odds:

ACC Tournament - Odds to Win         
Virginia                         2/1
Duke                            2/1
Syracuse                      3/1
North Carolina               7/1
Pittsburgh                     12/1
Clemson                       40/1
Florida State                 40/1
Maryland                       40/1
NC State                       50/1
Miami FL                       66/1
Notre Dame                  100/1
Georgia Tech                250/1
Wake Forest                 500/1
Boston College             500/1
Virginia Tech                 500/1
PAC 12 Tournament - Odds to Win     
Arizona                         2/3
UCLA                            4/1
Oregon                         7/1
Arizona State                9/1
Stanford                       12/1
Colorado                      14/1
California                      16/1
Utah                             16/1
Washington                   100/1
Oregon State                150/1
Washington State          500/1
USC                             500/1
Mountain West Tournament - Odds to Win     
San Diego State            3/2
New Mexico                  3/2
UNLV                            7/2
Boise State                   9/1
Fresno State                 33/1
Utah State                     33/1
Wyoming                      40/1
Nevada                         40/1
Colorado State              66/1
Air Force                       500/1
San Jose State             1000/1
American Conference Tournament - Odds to Win
Louisville                      2/3
Cincinnati                      13/4
Memphis                       5/1
SMU                             6/1
Connecticut                   10/1
Houston                        100/1
Rutgers                         500/1
Temple                         500/1
USF                              1000/1
UCF                              1000/1
Atlantic 10 Tournament - Odds to Win
VCU                             3/2
Saint Louis                    3/1
George Washington       11/2
Saint Joe's                    7/1
Dayton                         15/2
UMass                          8/1
Richmond                     25/1
St. Bonaventure            25/1
La Salle                        33/1
Duquesne                     100/1
Rhode Island                 100/1
George Mason              100/1
Fordham                       1000/1
Big 12 Tournament - Odds to Win      
Kansas                         3/2
Iowa State                     5/1
Oklahoma                     5/1
Oklahoma State            5/1
Baylor                           7/1
Texas                           9/1
Kansas State                16/1
West Virginia                 16/1
Texas Tech                   250/1
TCU                              1000/1
Big East Tournament - Odds to Win   
Villanova                       3/2
Creighton                      7/4
St. John's                     6/1
Xavier                           9/1
Marquette                     12/1
Georgetown                  12/1
Providence                   15/1
Butler                            66/1
Seton Hall                     100/1
DePaul                         500/1
SEC Tournament - Odds to Win
Florida                          2/3
Kentucky                      3/1
Tennessee                    4/1
Georgia                        16/1
Arkansas                      16/1
Missouri                        25/1
LSU                              25/1
Ole Miss                       33/1
Alabama                       50/1
Vanderbilt                     100/1
Texas A&M                   250/1
Auburn                          500/1
South Carolina              500/1
Mississippi State           500/1
Big 10 Tournament - Odds to Win      
Michigan State              5/2
Wisconsin                     3/1
Michigan                       3/1
Iowa                             9/2
Ohio State                    5/1
Nebraska                      16/1
Indiana                          20/1
Minnesota                     33/1
Illinois                           50/1
Purdue                          200/1
Penn State                    200/1
Northwestern                 500/1

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014 12:36 PM
Penn State 200/1. You're welcome.

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