The ITD Morning After And The New One To Three Show Debut On 590 The Fan KFNS Today

The drive to work won't be five minutes, the segments won't be able to wander for 55 minutes, and the sweet sound of static won't interfere with the sweeter sound of stupidity, but The ITD Morning After's new home in Webster Groves at KFNS should be a better overall experience for everyone---from hosts to listeners---involved with the show.

Today, we return to KFNS as The ITD Morning After airs live from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. leading into Martin Kilcoyne and Frank Cusumano on The Pressbox. That program will air from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., and that
leads into our new show, creatively titled The One To Three Show with Jay Randolph, Jr., Producer Joe, and Sara Bruce.

For those looking to enjoy some of The Morning Grind's old school crap from 2004 through October 2006, Producer Joe will be hosting The Morning After Memories show from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. Monday through Friday, and we'll be airing some of the more famous/infamous moments from The Morning Grind in that hour.

As we've done since moving to Team 1380 in September of 2007, we'll have all of the clips of all of the insideSTL.com shows (The ITD Morning After and The One To Three Show) archived for your listening pleasure---downloads and podcasts---at anytime you'd like. We also now allow you to stream 590 The Fan's programming directly from the icon on the homepage of insideSTL.com.

The content of our show will not change. The staff of our show changes in one respect: the addition of legendary board operator Matt Steadman. Steadman is the master of the drop-in, and for those of you who didn't listen to The Morning Grind, you'll be able to hear what we're talking about when we refer to the genius that is Steadman in the subtle drop-ins that he'll add throughout the broadcast. 590 The Fan has better technology than Team 1380, and that allows for the addition of more crap. The Great David Cline of Hedonism takes over the reigns board op-ing for The One To Three Show.

We're fired up to start at KFNS, and personally, I'm fired up to listen to The One To Three Show, which I think is going to be a damn good program.

The Unofficial First Broadcast of The Late Night Score This Saturday At The insideSTL.com Sand Volleyball Tournament

The new Late Night Score show will make its official debut on July 1st from 10 p.m. to midnight, but the ladies will make their first appearance and do their first broadcast this Saturday at Wave Taco for the insideSTL.com Sand Volleyball Tournament, presented by Stoli Vodka, Miller Lite and Vitamin Water. The show will air live from Wave Taco at 2 p.m. All of the beautiful lasses from The Late Night Score will be in attendance, and plenty of the fine Americans involved in The ITD Morning After, The One To Three Show, and insideSTL.com will be on hand.

Here's the deal for those of you who want to put a team together...or just want to come down and creep on the girls and booze:

You can register your team at stlvolleyball.com. It's $35 per person, and that includes your volleyball, food from 1 to 3, and all of your beer from 11 to 5. If you don't want to play volleyball, but you want the all-you-can-eat and drink special, it's $30.

Wave Taco will also have a $3 bomb special all day long as well.

So, it's a perfect summer afternoon of day drinking combined with the debut of The Late Night Score at Wave Taco this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. presented by
Stoli Vodka, Miller Lite and Vitamin Water.

Quick Hits

- On this conference realignment thing...I have zero idea where Missouri is going to wind up, but my bet is that by the end of the week, when Texas jumps to wherever Texas jumps, other conferences will follow suit and add teams, and that's when the rest of the moves take place. And, those moves will be toward 16 team conferences.

- Two of the more interesting theories---one from someone close to the situation and the other from bullshit message board land:

1. From someone close to the situation---who by no means is claiming to know what's going to happen: When Texas and the rest of the South schools make their move to the Pac-10, Notre Dame will then
believe that it has to become a part of a conference for their relevance long term and join the Big Ten. Once that happens, Missouri gets the invite from the Big Ten.

2. From message board land: Once Texas and the others go to the Pac-10, Missouri, Texas A & M, Duke, and North Carolina get invites from the SEC. The Southeastern Conference gets immediate additional basketball credibility and some large television markets.

- Bottom line: Anything I write about Missouri and read by people who didn't go to Missouri gets labeled as being biased...because I went to Missouri. But, keep in mind, I'm the same person who wrote Kansas should've been discussed for the National Championship in football back in 2007. So, I do like to think that I view this without looking through black and gold glasses. With that all out there, I can't believe that the college landscape is going to change as much as it would have to in order to blow up the Big 12...and then other conferences just sit back and not do anything else. Therefore, if/when Texas jumps, and the Big 12 dies, I'd be shocked if other BCS conferences don't do whatever they can to bring schools like Missouri and Kansas on board.

- Watching the Cardinals is painful. I can live with being outplayed, but it's tough to watch the same shit that's been going on ever since the crap started on May 4th continue to take place a month-and-a-half later: bad plate discipline.

After Edwin Jackson had walked two, given up a hit to Chris Carpenter, and then walked Felipe Lopez on four straight pitches, Colby Rasmus comes up and swings at the first pitch...grounding out.

Same shit. Same old shit.

With the exception of the Phillies, there's no team in the National League doing less with more than the 2010 Cardinals.

- My heart was broken when the rain ruined the St. Gabriel School Picnic this past Saturday. Anna-Marie and I bolted from the South Side around 7:30 and went to Zia's for dinner, where we saw Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo dining. I don't know if any place in town has better toasted ravioli than Zia's.

- We'll have a new feature on The ITD Morning After on KFNS: The Hooters' Text of The Day. Along with The Ticket Guys' Email of The Day, listeners can now get involved by sending in a text whenever they would like by texting "insideSTL" and then their message to the show to 68247. Unlike The Ticket Guys' Email of The Day, we'll read texts throughout the show...not just at the end of the show. However, we will be giving away a $10 gift certificate to Hooters everyday for our Hooters' Text of The Day.

- Off to Webster Groves for a reunion...

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