As insideSTL.com Vice President of Web Operations said when leaving the office yesterday, when I wake up Friday, it's going to feel like Christmas.

Long awaited. Much debated. And highly anticipated. The time has come.

Producer Joe vs. Evan Makovsky.

It goes down tonight at P.T.'s Sports Cabaret in Sauget. Three "Foxy Boxing" matches will be on the undercard beginning at 9:30. For those not familiar with Foxy Boxing, it's strippers fighting each other. Sweet.

Producer Joe and Evan Makovsky will enter the ring at approximately 12:00 midnight. For those of you still wanting to attend the festivities, when I left the insideSTL.com offices yesterday, there were about 30 or so advance tickets remaining. P.T.'s will sell tickets at the door if space allows. Advance tickets are $10 at the insideSTL.com offices (1900 Locust Street, Suite 301, St. Louis, MO, 63103). Tickets at the door will be $20. If you can't make it, we'll have a live broadcast of The Late Night Score live from P.T.'s Sports Cabaret from 10 p.m. to midnight, and then Kevin The Non-Gay, Intern David, and Cory Mitchell will have the call of the fight...all live on 590 The Fan KFNS. We'll have the video---presented by FieldsofFantasy.com---up on the site Monday morning.

Now, for those of you planning on going to P.T.'s, I'll say it one final time: if you want to be able to see this fight and have some form of a view, get there as early as you can. This is not a venue built for scrapping. It's built for stripping. If you get there late, odds are you won't have a good view. Get there early. Watch the Cardinals-Giants. Watch strippers fight each other. And, just relax with some booze. Then, at midnight, the stormy combatants will enter the ring.

Five rounds.

Two minutes each.

Game fucking on.

In an effort to get some "expert" opinions, I sent out an email to a number of St. Louis sports radio people yesterday to get their takes on what's going to go down tonight. Here's what the fine broadcast journalists had to say...and at the end...what the two fighters predicted:

Frank Cusumano - The Pressbox On 590 The Fan KFNS

"Nobody goes to the body like Joe- 4 rounds. TKO"

Kevin "The Non Gay" Lorenz - The Late Night Score on 590 The Fan KFNS

This fight will be decided early. Both fighters lack the boxing experience to control their adrenaline on such a stage, and due to this, one will make an early mistake that will lead to the KO.  Based on athletic history, I think Joe's mobility will lead to Emak's early mistake. Joe in the first by KO

Charlie Marlow - The ITD Morning After on 590 The Fan KFNS

Because they are wearing headgear and have actually been training legitimately, I think a knockout is unlikely.  I'm going with Producer Joe in a unanimous decision.  I think his athletic background and pure hatred for E-Mak will more than off-set the weight disparity.

Cory Mitchell-The E-Mak Show on Sports Radio 1380

I got Evan in five round decision. He's trained to go the distance. These "celeb" fights don't end in knockouts often, if ever. Joe is more athletic, but Evan has weight advantage. Tough to call without knowing each guy's strategy.

David Cline - Hedonism

E-Mak’s physical strength will be a tough test for Producer Joe, but Joe will be able to dodge E-Mak’s punches with his cat-like speed.  I have no doubt that E-Mak is well prepared, but I know for a fact that Joe has been really focused since the fight date was announced.  Producer Joe will be able to land just enough punches on E-Mak to win on a judge’s decision after the fifth around.  This prediction has the “E-Mak Stamp of Approval.”

Timmy Klutsarits - The ITD Morning After on 590 The Fan KFNS

As much as I HATE to say it, I think Evan will beat Joe.  He is bigger and when the two eventually run out of gas (which will be about Round 2) then Evan will be able to just lean on Joe and wear him down.  Hope Joe wins.....thinking Evan will. 

The other factor is I think this is all Evan has to live for.  Joe on the other hand has more of a perspective (i.e. life) which means Evan will win and then Joe will say so what?  As he rightly should.

Kasey Losch - The Late Night Score on 590 The Fan KFNS

producer joe!!! 
my educated boxing guess.

Sara Bruce - The One To Three Show on 590 The Fan KFNS

I think that Joe is going to win and I am going to be more surprised if Evan continues to fight after the first round. If Joe doesn't knock him out in the first, Evan will quit!

Jay Randolph, Jr. - The One To Three Show on 590 The Fan KFNS

First round, Joe gets feel for the fight, Evan swings and misses and wears down.  End of first round Joe gets in a good shot to the gut.  Then Joe takes him down in the 2nd round with a 1-2 and uppercut and Evans lights go out.

Kevin Slaten - Poet

Producer Joe has a mean right hand
And Emak a soft glass jaw.
When Joe lets go with the thunder
The crowd will be shocked and awed.
As Emak stumbles to the ropes
And Joe circles for more
Only a moron would think
Emak has good things in store.
His glazed eyes look skyward
As Joe goes on the attack
Fans can barely watch
Now Emak is on his back.
The count seven, eight, nine
Emak's eyes roll in his head.
The medical staff is concerned,
My Tony, is Emak dead?
Back on his feet with a struggle,
Emak is absent his jive,
Joe lets go one more flurry
And Emak is done in five.

Evan Makovsky - The E-Mak Show on Sports Radio 1380

I'm confident I will win tonight and have prepared as such. My best will be given. I'm focused on executing and implementing what I trained to do once it starts. Also, my sponsor, JackSon's on Manchester is running E-Mak Wins Half-Off Signature Special that gets you 50% off their signature steak sandwich if you mention my victory all next week.

Producer Joe - The ITD Morning After And The One To Three Show On 590 The Fan KFNS

I have said it all along, conditioning wise he is light years behind where I am.  I have all the confidence in the world in my ability to strike and strike properly. 

He will get what is coming to him, but the good news for him is it will be swift.  3XPitino. 

[VIDEO] Fight weigh in @ insideSTL.com 5th Anniversary Party
Pre-fight interviews

[AUDIO] Pre-fight press conference

So...there it all is. Now the only question left to answer is who you got? Log-in and post your comments, or you can email me at tmckernan@insidestl.com.

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