The Bree Olson Dating Game

This year's insideSTL.com Girl Next Door of The Year presented by Stoli has just gotten a little more special.

Saturday night at Lumen, we'll have 15 insideSTL.com Girls Next Door competing for $2,500. We'll have celebrity judges for The GND of The Year competition like Kevin Slaten, Rich Gould, Timberfake (if he's ever found), Jackie, Rudy, Joshua, and adult film star/Charlie Sheen's good friend Bree Olson.

Joshua is going to perform...and after Sunday's dazzling set, St. Louis is waiting for BoyFoy. No. St. Louis is demanding it.

But, we wanted to add a little more insideSTL.com/The ITD Morning After reader/listener interaction.

And, I believe we've achieved that.

I'm pleased to announce that after a lovely text exchange yesterday afternoon, Bree Olson has agreed to participate in a live from Lumen version of The Dating Game. Three bachelors will get their chance to spend some quality alone time with one of the best in the business, Bree Olson.

The doors to The insideSTL.com Girl Next Door of The Year at Lumen Saturday night will open at 8:30. From 8:30 to 9:00, we'll have a cover charge of only $5. After 9:00, the cover will be $10.

We plan to have our Bree Olson Dating Game take place at 9:30. The GND's will walk the runway in their lingerie/swimwear at around 11 for the celebrity judges. Joshua will perform around 11:30. The ladies will walk the runway one last time at midnight for the crowd noise vote at around midnight...and then we'll announce our winner at 1 a.m.

So, this little evening is all mapped out. For the most part.

But, I have two things I need help with, and I know the great Americans who listen to the show and visit this site will have some fine ideas. Here's what I need help on:

1. How do we determine who the three bachelors are that get to compete for the date with Bree Olson?

2. What can we have them do for their date? Keep in mind...Bree is only here for Saturday night. 

Your suggestions will help make magic. Log-in and post them below...or you can email me at
tmckernan@insidestl.com. If we choose your suggestion, you and a guest get in to the festivities Saturday night free of charge.

In the meantime, here's a look at our 15 GND's who will compete for the $2,500 Saturday night...and remember you can vote once a day everyday through Friday by clicking here.

Anna G. - May 2010

Mary Beth - June 2010

Adrienne S. - July 2010

Nicole - August 2010

Jill - September 2010

Patsy - September 2010

Cassie - October 2010

Sarah - November 2010

Lacey - November 2010

Holly - November 2010

Jaclyn - December 2010

Cate - Wild Card Winner (July 2010)

Tiffany - Wild Card Winner (April 2010)

Adrienne W. - Wild Card Winner (August 2010)

Mel - insideSTL.com Wild Card Winner (September 2010)

Log-in and make your suggestions for The Bree Olson Dating Game below, or you can email me at tmckernan@insidestl.com.

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# Lief
Tuesday, January 25, 2011 11:56 AM
The lucky winner can take a trip to the clinic with her.
# slickmanB928
Friday, January 28, 2011 7:47 AM
Hi Tim. It's Erik Ross here. I hope that you have gotten my e-mails regarding me wanting to participate in Bree Olson's Dating Game at Club Lumen this Saturday night. I would love to be a contestant and spend some alone time with Bree Olson if I am chosen to be a part of it. You already have my contact info: enr4762@sbcglobal.net, (314)238-6021(Cell). So I'll see you and everybody at Lumen tomorrow night 1/29/2011. Thanks. Sincerely, Erik N. Ross

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