Timmy's Tidbits: History Making And Head Shaking

- The fun fact that shot around Twitter yesterday (and my apologies to who dug it up originally as I don't know for certain) was that the Cardinals have two 5-0 starters for the first time since 1963. 48 years ago Curt Simmons and Ray Washburn did it. If you would've asked me in January if the Cardinals could pull that off this year, I would've said it's unlikely, but you never know what Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter can do. Of course, those two have a combined one win...and it's Kyle McClellan and Jaime Garcia who are both 5-0.

- Jim Edmonds co-hosted The ITD Morning After both Wednesday and Thursday, and I asked him if he ever got to face Jaime Garcia. He said, "No. Thank, God." Garcia's stuff is so good right now. He has four pitches that work for him, and he's got that change up that leads to some nice strikeout totals. Garcia has allowed 1 ER over his last 16 IP with 12 K's. His ERA of 1.89 is second-best in the National League...only to Josh Johnson. He's ahead of third place Roy Halladay, fourth place Tim Lincecum, and fifth place...Kyle Lohse.

- Speaking of which...if Bruce Bochy had to decide on the All-Star Team right now, how many Cardinals would be on the team? Pujols is getting voted on...even if he's not having a typical year...he'd win the fan vote barring an upset. Yadier Molina's been voted an All-Star the last two years. So, there's two...and then you have the manager's selections, and Holliday is a given...possibly as a fan selection. Berkman is also a given, but more likely a managerial pick. And, what about the pitchers? There's no way that all three starters in the top five in wins/ERA or both all get in, is there? The Cardinals are looking at a possibility of seven All-Stars.

- Yesterday's poll question on insideSTL.com was: What would you do with Ryan Franklin? Here are the results:

- Release him: 51%

- Put him on the DL: 42%

- Keep him on the active roster: 7%

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