The Cardinals did what they had to do. They did what they should do. They swept a bad team, and in the process, they picked up a couple of games on the Pirates and one on the Reds.

The Cardinals now sit seven games back of Cincinnati and 2.5 games back of the Pirates for the second wild card spot.

The pitching continues to be well above what you would think the pitching would be…if you were to go back to Spring Training and guess what guys would be doing in August. Hell, the Brewers didn’t have a run in the final 17 innings of the series.

Kyle Lohse pitched six scoreless to drop his ERA to 2.79 and improve to 12-2. Adam Wainwright threw a complete game and allowed just one run, meaning he hasn’t allowed more than two earned runs in each of his last four starts. And, Joe Kelly pitched 5.2 innings after a rough beginning to Friday night’s game. Kelly got the win, as the bullpen did Friday what it did Sunday as well: held the Brewers scoreless.

The Cardinals have played 22 games since the All-Star Break. Their record is 13-9. However, if you nerd out on Cardinal games as badly as I do, you know that they could’ve won every single one of them.

I realize you can say that about a large number of games over the course of the season, but the reason I bring that up here is because in my following of the Cardinals, I recall a couple of teams specifically that either won a large number of games or barely lost the ones they failed to win…but they were in the vast majority of them: the 2004 Cardinals and the 2011 Cardinals.

While the Reds’ tribute to K-State Football continues with another stretch of playing suckasses this week (three against the Brewers, four against the Cubs), the Cardinals will deal with the Giants and the Phillies. Sure, the Phillies are a sinking ship and a shell of the team the Cardinals dealt with last October, here are the pitchers the Cardinals will deal with over the next six games:


Good times.


This will be a test, but the Cardinals have been playing some damn good baseball since the All-Star Break.


Well, the Rams open up the preseason this weekend, and they held their first ever fan fest this past weekend.

Next to discussing the NFL Draft, my least favorite thing to discuss on our show is training camp.

Much like the Draft, my issue with training camp talk is that oftentimes the projections and/or criticisms are rooted in opinions that are quite irrelevant…as the play on the field will determine a draft pick’s value…and whether or not what took place in camp was an illustration of things to come.

In the meantime, it’s a guessing game.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m certain Jeff Fisher can see performances and have a good read on what they mean in August. But, for the vast majority of fans and media, much like breaking down a team’s draft the Monday after, it’s a guessing game.

With that all out there, in reading the Post-Dispatch’s coverage of the Rams’ scrimmage at The Dome, I come away a little scared that two people whose NFL opinions I respect focused on the following:

    -Jim Thomas led with the performance of Brandon Gibson
    -Bryan Burwell focused on the kicker, Greg Zurlein

Because I didn’t see it and am not going to act like I have the first clue about what took place Saturday at The Dome, I cannot agree or disagree. But, knowing that both of those guys know their football and have covered the team for more than a decade, I’m a little concerned that Gibson and Zurlein were two of the big highlights.

Oh, and there was the article in which Sam Bradford said that his ankle is still not 100%.

Larry Nickel at Shannon’s

insideSTL hosted a special postgame party Friday night at Mike Shannon’s Outfield. While fans celebrated a victory over the Brewers, Larry Nickel used the opportunity to dance with some ladies.

I knew Larry could flat-out analyze some wrestling. I knew he could rank countries like nobody’s business. And, I knew he was one of the greatest soldiers in the War On Christmas.

But, as our video proves, the man can flat-out dance:

Check out more pictures from insideSTL Night at Mike Shannon's HERE.

Quick Hits

-There’s nothing Doug Vaughn likes more than power rankings. So, with that, we’ll give you Buster Olney’s interpretation of the Top 10 in Major League Baseball:

1.    Reds
2.    Nationals
3.    Yankees
4.    Rangers
5.    Braves
6.    White Sox
7.    Pirates
8.    A’s
9.    Giants
10.    Angels

-Oh, and speaking of things Doug loves: Jerry Palm of CBS Sports has his bowl projections out, and he’s got Missouri playing Georgia Tech in the Music City Bowl. Woot.

-I’ve never been a really big fan of the Cardinals’ Sunday caps. I consider it highly unlikely, but I’d love to see them go with the Victory Blue for Sunday home games.

-Well, it happened again. Sort of. In an image that would have to give Skip Schumaker nightmares if he were to see it, Kyle Lohse proudly displayed his famous fist when Joe Kelly drove in the go-ahead run Friday night.


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# Chud
Monday, August 06, 2012 8:56 AM
I agree on the uniforms - if they can wear specific hats for Sunday (which I actually do like, so I disagree with you there), why can't they wear the totally tits blue jerseys? In a way, though, I do like that the Cardinals are one of the few teams that stick with only two uniforms, unlike the fashion show the D-backs and some others put on - but, when I saw the baby blues last night, I thought the same thing - this should be a weekly thing, if not just at Sunday home games. Even though they are road jerseys, I think Sunday home games is where they should be.

I had forgotten that so many teams used to wear blue, but I started thinking about it last night - Cards, Royals, Phillies, Braves, Expos, and I'm sure several more wore them.
# brockohol
Monday, August 06, 2012 2:54 PM
Can you explain to me why more team owners/marketing/etc...dont get that the majority of fans like an older version of the teams uniforms WAY better that what your currently running out there? We are lucky in that the Blues/Cards have had few changes over the years and when they did, it was still pretty traditional (exception the Gretzky Blues Jersey experiment). But can you honestly tell me that the brewers fans like the those stupid ass navy and poop gold colored jerseys better than the powder/yellow uni's? No fucking way. Do you know a Rams fan that likes the new jerseys better than the old ones?

I would just think that not only are you appeasing the fans but the opportunity to make a shit load more money from jersey sales would make sense to the owners to at the very least wear them more often.

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