Big Al, Mildred Cummings, And Oxford, Mississippi

For those of you who listen to TheITDRoll.com Morning After, you may have heard Big Al call in.

Big Al prides himself on being a recognizable sports talk radio caller.

He also prides himself in having arm wrestled---and defeated---the likes of Tony Twist, D’Marco Farr, and Albert Haynesworth.

Because of his calls into the show---and his claims of arm wrestling that Iggy, in particular, has called into question---Big Al has become defensive.

And, so after yesterday’s call into the show in which he said he thought that Matt Holliday was the Cardinal player Joe Strauss quoted in saying, “The best fans in baseball could learn something” from the fans at AT & T Park---even though there was no proof it was Holliday---Big Al said he wanted to arm wrestle Holliday.

He then went on to tell a story of his experience at AT & T Park which included him getting thrown out of a game in San Francisco last year for no reason…except that he was wearing a Cardinal jersey. He said as he was being escorted out, fans at AT & T Park were high-fiving him.

But, he got sideways with one Giants’ fan…an older woman named “Midred Cummings.”

Now, I could’ve eaten a bag of mushrooms and this story wouldn’t have made sense, but that’s usually what happens when I go to the phone lines anyway. However, in this case, Iggy called out Big Al and said he didn’t believe it.

Big Al responded by emailing me a bunch of pictures of AT & T Park---without him in them---which didn’t necessarily prove he was there.

As a way to counter Big Al, Iggy emailed me a picture of Tahiti and said he slept with Eva Longoria there…and the picture from Google images of Tahiti proved it.

Big Al didn’t like this.

And, so for the next half-hour, I kept getting emails of pictures from San Francisco…of Mildred Cummings…and, naturally, of his time in Oxford, Mississippi at The Grove before an Ole Miss game.

I asked if it was all right for me to post these on insideSTL, and that way the listeners could be the judge.

Big Al was more than happy to share.

So, below, you will see Big Al, Mildred Cummings, and all of the friends Big Al has made along the way.

In the first picture, Big Al says Mildred Cummings is the woman in orange with orange hair in the lower right-hand portion of the picture.

Of course, we have no way to know one way or the other.

If we can call our forensics expert in, one of the first questions we’ll ask is whether that picture was taken in 2011…or sometime during the 1988 Presidential Election.

Big Al sent in a number of other pics from San Francisco and from its sister city, Oxford, Mississippi.

He said he was enjoying jello shots in The Grove, and everyone there told him he was the new Mayor of The Grove, because he was wearing a Romney button.

The following pictures are for your enjoyment…and according to Big Al via email:

yes, big al in the grove with his southern bells. they begged so im going back for vandy nov10 with my 5 gallon bucket of frozen jello shots so the grove will once again be filled with the girls yelling big al!! hayooo ! call you in morning if my boy wakes up he is in cali. timmy i swear i did NOT make up one thing !!  never have never will !!  pass that to wanna be iggy pop and his bitch kickball is gay  joey haaa

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