Friendly’s Presents Week 9 of The Football Picks of The Week

Now that the baseball season is over, the focus around here goes to football.

That’s not necessarily a good thing.

Missouri has Homecoming…at 11 in the morning…against Kentucky.

The Rams have a home game…in England.

Man, we’ve gone from speeding along with a rush of postseason baseball almost everyday for a month…to this.

This insideSTL Poll taken yesterday speaks to the situation:

What are you looking forward to most between now and Spring Training?

The Rams - 15.57%  (26 votes)

Fantasy Football - 6.59%  (11 votes)

Missouri Football - 1.2%  (2 votes)

Missouri Basketball - 30.54%  (51 votes)
Saint Louis U Basketball - 7.19%  (12 votes)

Illinois Basketball - 6.59%  (11 votes)
The Blues hopefully - 32%  (54 votes)

If I had to host a serious sports talk show over the next couple of months, I have no idea what the fuck I would talk about.

This is rough.

Fortunately, I’m a purveyor of pornography and PeePee Talk.

And…as many of you de-gens know…if you have no rooting interest in a game, there’s an easy cure for that: place a wager.

Lucas Moeller went hole pwning this past weekend in the Friendly’s Picks of The Week. He won six games and the tiebreaker to claim the $25 gift certificate to Friendly’s Sports Bar And Grill.

You can win the $25 gift certificate by filling out your picks in the comments section of this column. Just pick the games we select, and then get your own Lock of The Week from the most recent spreads on scoresandodds.com…and finally, give the total points for the Fighting Rammies and Patriots.

Meanwhile, in our contest, I continued to restore order by having a lovely 5-2 weekend. Producer Joe, Denny From Friendly’s, and I all won our Locks of The Week, but those two gentlemen went 3-4 to lose two games to me in the overall standings:

Tim: 29-25 (5-3 Locks of The Week)/5-2 Last Week (1-0 Lock of The Week)

Producer Joe: 27-28 (4-4 Locks of The Week)/3-4 Last Week (1-0 Lock of The Week)

Denny: 22-31 (5-3 Locks of The Week)/3-4 Last Week (1-0 Lock of The Week)

Is it sweet to be picking games at a 54% success rate against the spread? I suppose so. But, I expect better. I demand better. I will attempt to get to the goal of 70% by continuing a hole pwning streak this weekend.

Let us begin:

Kentucky at Missouri (-13.5)

Producer Joe: It's been less than two months since I couldn't wait for the Mizzou football season to start.  Now I can't wait til its over actually.  Just put the games on simulate and lets head to the beginning of November.  All of the other games in college football can still take place, I just don't have any interest in wasting 3 hours every Saturday watching the shit show that is Missouri football this season.  About the only thing worth monitoring is how the team comes back after a week off and if they can beat Kentucky.  Not whether or not they will cover against Kentucky, but if they can beat Kentucky.  Losing to Vandy and Kentucky in the same season no matter who you are is dangerous for a head coach.  Look at Tennessee and Auburn right now.  If things don't turn around that could be the same scene in Columbia by the end of next season.  Pinkel wanted to be a part of the SEC.  Sometimes you get what you want, and that means heat on your back.  You better beat the basketball school Gary.  My gut says take the points, but I have ground to make up this week and I know McKernan is going with Tucky.
Pick: Missouri (-13.5)

Denny: Kentucky (+13.5)

How about fucking Producer Joe? What is this about? Is he running for office? Is he feeling pressure…when we have about 50 games to pick still…and he’s just two games back? I’m appalled. He’s giving you---the fine readers and listeners of our Moron Company---bad advice…just to try and close this small deficit. Also, since I’m small and insecure, I don’t appreciate my employees calling me “McKernan.” I demand being called “Mr. McKernan,” kind of like Vincent Kennedy McMahon must be called “Mr. McMahon,” or Napoleon was called “Mr. Napoleon.” I’ll give you fucking people---I say that respectfully---my honest take. Fuck Producer Joe’s scam.
Pick: Kentucky (+13.5)

Florida (-7) at Georgia (In Jacksonville)

Producer Joe: Florida in my opinion benefits more for its chance to play for a national championship with a loss here and then running out the rest of the season hoping for a loss from Oregon, KState, and Notre Dame.  They shouldn't drop below LSU with a loss as long as it's not a blow out of epic proportions.  And holy crap was I wrong about the Gators this season.  But I like Georgia to cover the number here.  Florida isn't going to score a whole lot in this one and Georgia can put up some points.
Pick: Georgia (+7)

Denny: Florida (-7)

Tim: Georgia (+7)

Notre Dame at Oklahoma (-11)

Producer Joe: Damn, I have picked against Notre Dame just about every chance I have had this season.  I really don't think they win this weekend outright but I am not sure if they get blow out (which to cover the number is just under 2 TD's). But eff it.  I am going with Bob Stoops' crew here.   I'll lay the number because I think the Mick will roll with his Irish.
Pick: Oklahoma (-11)

Denny: Oklahoma (-11)

Tim: Oklahoma (-11)

Patriots (-7) at Rams (in London)

Producer Joe: Hey, sweet London week is finally here.  It sucked when it was announced and it sucks now.  Either the Rams go into their bye week at 4-4 or 3-5 and probably struggle to finish the season at or above .500.  I don't think the Rams have the ability either from the QB or the WR's to take advantage of 29th ranked pass defense.  And I don't think Brady is going to be sloppy with the ball on offense.  Plus I am not sure the Rams are going to have an answer for Gronk and Hernandez while also taking care of Welker and Brandon Lloyd.  Too many weapons for Brady.
Pick: Patriots (-7)

Denny: Patriots (-7)

No more Cardinals…no big, bad secondary to go up against…no more distractions. The attention is on Sam Bradford, because a) the Patriots are going to score points, b) the Rams will have to throw, and c) there’s no excuses with how shaky the Patriots’ pass defense is. I’m anxious to see how this goes…and I’m anxious to see if the narrative of “he has no one to throw to” will continue while RGIII puts up ridiculous numbers with Leonard Hankerson, Santana Moss, and Josh Morgan as his WR’s.
Pick: Rams (+7)

Giants (-2.5) at Cowboys

Producer Joe: Giants for no other reason than the fact that I can't see them getting swept by the Cowboys this season. The Giants are either the best or second best team in the NFC. The Cowboys are not.
Pick: Giants (-2.5)

Denny: Giants (-2.5)

Tim: Cowboys (+2.5)

Saints at Broncos (-6)

Producer Joe: Eh, just because I didn't want to throw the Falcons and Eagles game in the picks this week I rolled with the Sunday Night game.  A loss for the Saints probably takes them completely out of the playoff picture in the NFC where you may have a 10 win team not make it this season.  Broncos coming together nicely this season.  Roll with the home team.
Pick: Broncos (-6)

Denny: Broncos (-6)

Tim: Saints (+6)

Locks of The Week

Producer Joe: Falcons (-2) at Eagles: Please.  There will still be an undefeated team in the NFL after this weekend.
Pick: Falcons (-2)

Denny: 49ers (-7) at Cardinals: Pick: 49ers (-7)

Tim: Colorado at Oregon (-45.5): It’s time to start doing the late-season thing where borderline BCS Championship coaches need to run it up…real nicelike. Colorado is atrocious. Oregon will score around 60.
Pick: Oregon (-45.5)

Now’s your chance to participate in the fun and games. Pick the six games we picked…plus your own Lock of The Week from the latest spreads at scoresandodds.com. Log-in and make your picks below…plus select the total points for the Rams-Patriots as the tiebreaker…and whoever does the best wins the $25 gift certificate to Friendly’s.

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