Rondo Condemns Producer Joe And The ITDRoll.com Morning After

The Cat, Doug, and I thought the interview had gone so well.

Were we nervous?

Yeah, we can say it. We were nervous.

We knew the listeners of the show wanted to hear from the now famous Vols’ fan who had not only called for the firing of Derek Dooley in a rage Saturday night after Tennessee lost to Missouri…but had also mocked the Tigers and chastised their fans.

But, we dug deep, stayed focused, and like the ghosts of Mike Wallace, Ed Bradley, and Andy Rooney, we felt like we put on a 60 Minutes-caliber journalistic clinic when we had our time with Rondo [AUDIO].

I’m telling you…we were firing on all cylinders. It was a thing of beauty. The chemistry of the 2003 Tino Martinez-led Cardinals was on display. We asked the questions you wanted answers to.  Why the bed sheets? Why the UT safari hat? How proud of the Tennessee defense are you? Here’s just a little sampling:

Doug: You’ve come under some criticism for having University of Tennessee bed sheets, what’s that all about?

Rondo: I don’t really understand the obsession with the bed sheets. It is kind of creepy, to be honest, that people even care. But, all I have to say is, I’m on a college campus and there are Tennessee colors everywhere you turn. If I were to bring a girl back here, do you think she will make a big deal out of the bed spread that is the colors that she sees every day and turn and run?

Tim: So, you are saying that the women you bring back to your room also have Tennessee bed sheets?

Rondo: You know, I’m not sure. That’s not usually how the night goes, so I can’t speak for their bed sheets.

Tim: What do you mean that’s not how the night goes?

Rondo: Well, you know I’m usually the host of these private situations. That’s the way I like to do things. I never see their dorm rooms.

Tim: So, you have brought a woman or multiple women, and if so a tip of the cap to you, sir, back to your bedroom we see in your videos with the Tennessee bed sheets?

Rondo: Well, you know I don’t like to kiss and tell.

The Cat: Is it fair to say Rondo has been somewhat lucky with the ladies.

Rondo: I think that would be a quite generous understatement.

Doug: Where did you get the bed sheets, fella?

Rondo: I don’t even know, I wake up in the morning and there they are. I come home at night and there they are.

The Cat: Now, some would say that a 20-something year old man, college-aged to have those kind of sheets on the bed, might be somewhat inappropriate or somewhat creepy, just playing devil’s advocate, but your response to that.

Rondo: You know people without a GED or a high school diploma will think really dumb things sometime. Alabama people, they haven’t seen a college campus other than their bus ride through Tuscaloosa on the way to the stadium. I really don’t make anything of this comment.

What an exchange.

It was like Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men.

Question. Answer. Question. Answer. Tension. Building.

We felt like Norfolk State. On the big stage…and shocking the country.

And then it happened…

…and now we’re paying for it:

Producer Joe waved at me during the interview that he wanted to ask this current Tennessee student and passionate Volunteer a question.

Rondo got done answering another one of our hard-hitting questions, and I cleared the way for Producer Joe to ask his question:

Producer Joe: I’m a Georgia fan and I’ve often questioned if I was put in the situation to be able to have a male-male-female threesome with my favorite UGA QB, would I pick Quincy Carter or Eric Zeier or go back and take Buck Belue, lot of people would take Matthew Stafford. I was questioning whether if you could have a male-male-female threesome with any girl and a former Tennessee QB, who are you lining up to high five with over top?

Rondo: That’s an interesting question, if Rondo was going to do that, it would just be with 2 Tennessee female cheerleaders. That would be it, no males.

Producer Joe: You’ve got a chance to have share a woman with Tee Martin, unless you’re afraid of not measuring up, you could go with Peyton Manning.

Rondo: There are many things that I would like to share with Tee Martin, for instance a steak, possibly a pizza, but a woman is not one of those.


Sidetracked by fucking Producer Joe with that damn MMF question again.

And…to a southern gentleman like Rondo no less.

We knew we’d have to pay.

We knew that he wouldn’t forget.

And sure enough…just hours later…Rondo stepped into his studio/bedroom to record a video blasting the show…and specifically Producer Joe for asking about having a male-male-female threesome with a former Tennessee quarterback:

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