Matt Holliday On Scutaro Slide Controversy: “It Was Laughable”

Matt Holliday joined The ITDRoll.com Morning After today to discuss a wide variety of topics regarding the show---which he listens to…although not necessarily proudly---and the Cardinals.

We also discussed the Cardinals blowing their 3-1 series lead on the Giants in the NLCS…and The Slide Heard Round The World.

It was one month ago today that Holliday slid into Marco Scutaro, and immediately,
some national writers and broadcasters had their storyline for the series: Holliday’s slide fired up the Giants and propelled them to victory in the NLCS.

Of course, nevermind that the Giants lost the next two games of the series after the slide.

A storyline is needed…even if it goes against the logic of, say, the Giants’ pitchers owning the Cardinals in Games 5, 6, and 7 as being the reason for the series win.

Well, now one month removed from that Game 2 of the NLCS, Holliday spoke pretty candidly about his feelings on the slide, the reaction of some in the media to the slide, and the Giants’ Matt Cain hitting him in Game 7.

You can listen to the whole interview by clicking HERE, but courtesy of Zaaaaccckkk, here’s a transcription of Holliday discussing the now infamous slide:

The Cat: The slide on Scutaro was a big storyline during the series, and I know you said you felt like maybe you started your slide too late and you regretted he might’ve gotten hurt on that play. But I was watching you talk about that and it seemed to me that you really felt bad about that whole situation.

Matt: Honestly you play the game hard and I take a lot of pride in playing hard. That’s part of the game, but at the same time you don’t want to hurt anybody. And you never want anyone to miss time playing on your watch. Like I said, I play hard and I didn’t want him to turn the double play, and like I said I started my slide a step too late. I will always slide hard into second base and I will always try to keep that fielder from making a play and if that means knocking him down, then I’ll do it, but like I said it was just a step too late in my opinion. And it was within the rules obviously, I just got a little too close to him before I started my slide, that’s all there is to it. I felt bad that he had to come out of that game and apparently he had no problems after that because I think he got a hit every time.

Tim: I thought the way that that thing was blown up---and anybody that listens to this show knows that it drove me up the wall---was that some national writers and broadcasters portrayed as this turning point in the series. That is pretty stupid because you guys won the next two games. I just thought it was so blown up out of proportion, and it drove me up the wall because it was just so stupid.

Matt: I agree, it is just too much coverage. They are just looking for anything. There is so much coverage of everything with the MLB Network. And in the playoffs, every single play, they’ve got hours of things to fill. If it would’ve happened during the season, it probably wouldn’t have gotten any attention, but it happened in the playoffs.

Tim: They hit you in Game 7, the game is out of reach, it’s a mess. What goes through your mind right when that happens?

Matt: There are some things I’d rather not say. I think he said that the ball slipped out of his hand and got away from him, that’s just part of the game. Honestly, I don’t know. It seems on purpose. I wish that if he wanted to hit me, he would’ve just done it on the first pitch in the next game he had pitched. You know, if you’re going to do it, do it, get it out of the way. But to do it, I don’t remember what the score was but it was out of hand, that’s about it. I thought the timing of it was….I don’t want to get into it. I wasn’t thrilled about it.

The Cat: If he would’ve plunked you right after would you have taken it as part of the game and part of the medicine that you had to take? Would you say, that that would’ve gone down easier?

Matt: If you’re going to do it, I think that is when you do it. I wouldn’t be happy about it anytime. I just thought that in the situation that it actually did happen it was less than tough.

Doug: It used to happen that if you broke up a double play, you’d get a pat on the back. Or if you collided with the catcher at home plate, they would say that that was a hard-nosed play. Now if you do something like that, you have to get drilled with 98 MPH fastball. It seems like the game is changing in that sense.

Matt: Yeah, I think so, I really do. I’ve seen some of the old clips with Hal McRae taking guys out on double plays and some of the things that happened 20 years ago. You know, I think that comes back to all the media coverage. I think there is so much coverage and so much analysis on every play and so much time to fill that is has made it different.

Tim: I just thought it was dumb. And if it were vice versa with Sandoval going into Kozma, or whatever, I would’ve said the same thing. Settle down. Do guys get fired up and do you really think it can change the way a series goes? Like I said, you guys ended up going up 3 game to 1 after that game. Does it have an impact? That’s the thing that drove me up the wall, I just thought the logic of it was stupid and a faux story line.

Matt: I think it’s laughable honestly. If you’re not fired up to play in the NLCS, and you’re not doing everything you can to win a game…I don’t know. Obviously I didn’t pay too much attention to the coverage then with that happening. I didn’t know that they were using that as a rallying cry. I think that’s laughable.

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# johnrose123
Friday, November 16, 2012 8:49 PM
matt is clunky on the basepads. he said he was off a step and he was. end of story.

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