Friendly’s Presents Week 13 of The Football Picks of The Week

Damn near everyone took Missouri (-4.5) over Syracuse and the Rams (-3.5) over the Jets…and that meant Producer Joe, Denny, me…and almost all of you had two losses before we even got to the other games of the week.

Therefore, it was rather impressive for “johnrose123” to go 6-1. His only stumble was picking the Colts (+9) over the Patriots. Otherwise, it was an underdog festival. Syracuse, West Virginia over Oklahoma, Ohio State over Wisconsin, and the Jets all covered. Green Bay covered with a meaningless field goal at the end that had to send degenerates through the roof…and the Patriots went off on the Colts for an easy cover. “johnrose123” went with Producer Joe’s well-played Lock of The Week of Stanford plus the 20.5 points…and he had himself a lovely weekend.

Meanwhile, Producer Joe, Denny, and myself did exactly what we did last weekend. Producer Joe and I went 3-4…and Denny went 4-3.

Here’s a look at the standings through Week 13:

Producer Joe: 42-40 (7-5 Locks of The Week)/ Last Week: 3-4 (1-0 Lock of The Week)

Tim: 41-41 (8-4 Locks of The Week)/ Last Week: 3-4 (0-1 Lock of The Week)

Denny: 38-44 (8-4 Locks of The Week)/ Last Week: 4-3 (1-0 Lock of The Week)

Denny’s picked up two games over the last couple of weeks…and all of the sudden…we have a battle on our hands. We’ll pick games through the end of the Super Bowl. Time for a charge, yo.

Missouri at Texas A & M (-21.5)

Producer Joe:
I need to pick my shit up.  Only 3 games over .500 and barely ahead of Tim for the crown. I am the pickmaster & you the reader deserves much better.  Start here.  Mizzou covers.  Won't win outright but this number is a bit too high for my liking.
Pick: Missouri (+21.5)

Denny: Missouri (+21.5)

Tim: Missouri (+21.5)

Oregon (-10) at Oregon State

Producer Joe:
Blow out city.  Won't be close and I feel for the Beavers because they are going to get pounded.  Yes, I just said it.
Pick: Oregon (-10)

Denny: Oregon (-10)

Tim: Oregon (-10)

Notre Dame (-6.5) at USC

Producer Joe: USC (+6.5)

Denny: Notre Dame (-6.5)

Emotionally, this game will mean more to me than any other game in college football this season to date…with the exception of Missouri-Georgia. I want to see Notre Dame in the BCS Championship Game for my parents…one of whom has cheered for them all his life because of the stereotypical and accurate Irish Catholic thing…and one of whom went to school there and may or may not have hung out with Joe Theismann. No Matt Barkley. But, they do have Lane Kiffin. Both of those fun facts favor Notre Dame. I hope Notre Dame wins so badly…but I don’t make my picks based on hope. Perhaps they’ll win, so I hope I’m wrong…but if I were wagering, I don’t think they cover the 6.5.
Pick: USC (+6.5)

Rams at Cardinals (-2)

Producer Joe:
Chad Henne, Tavaris Jackson, Charlie Batch, Kyle Orton (who lost his fucking job to Tim Tebow), Matt Cassel, & Jason Campbell---All QB's with better career passer ratings than Bradford.  Should the Rams beat a team that lost while intercepting Matt Ryan 5 times last week?  Yes.  Will they?  Probably not.  But the one thing that will be guaranteed is that someone will be making an excuse for the former #1 overall pick.
Pick: Cardinals (-2)

Denny: Rams (-2)

Look at Producer Joe going after Bradford. I like that. It’s finally safe to say what many have wondered for awhile. Maybe he isn’t the answer. In fairness to him---and I have been a critic of his for awhile…and thought they should’ve drafted Suh because they didn’t have pieces around him---I thought Bradford played a hell of a game against Washington and San Francisco. He had Amendola then. He may not this weekend. But, the Cardinals are horrendous. I don’t think the Rams go into a Spagnuolo-like tailspin to finish the season.
Pick: Rams (-2)

Falcons (-1) at Buccaneers

Producer Joe:
The past two weeks have been ugly for the Falcons. Lost in New Orleans in a game they had a chance to win & looked terrible against the Cardinals but found a way to win.  All the while the Bucs have won 4 games in a row...against 4 teams that all have something in common--they won't be playing a game after Week 17.  The Bucs face their toughest test and the Falcons aren't stumbling this week.  Steal of the week.
Pick: Falcons (-1)

Denny: Buccaneers (+1)

Tim: Falcons (-1)

Packers at Giants (-2)

Producer Joe: Go back to our picks for Week 7 in this little competition...Pack against the Houston Texans.  I saw this coming for this team and the Giants feel it this week. After backdooring a cover last week, the Packers are smashing down the front door and stealing everything in the house.
Pick: Packers (+2)

Denny: Packers (+2)

Tim: Giants (-2)

Locks of The Week

Producer Joe: Texans (-3.5) at Lions: I am actually hitting my Locks here recently. Start your Thanksgiving right.
Pick: Texans (-3.5)

Denny: Bills at Colts (-3) 
Pick: Colts (-3)

Tim: Michigan at Ohio State (-3.5) 
Pick: Ohio State (-3.5)

Now it’s your chance to make your picks. Pick the six games we selected and a Lock of The Week with updated spreads from www.scoresandodds.com. Give the total points of the Rams-Cardinals as your tiebreaker. Whoever does the best wins a $25 gift certificate to Friendly’s.
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