Friendly’s Presents Week 15 of The Football Picks of The Week

We’ve got all kinds of situations going on after last week’s games.

First off, it was a nightmare for degenerates wagering on both college and the pros. Most people went with Alabama. That failed. Most people went with Florida State. That failed. And, most people went with Nebraska. That failed.

On to the NFL…

Most people went with the 49ers over the Rams, the Bears over the Seahawks, and the Panthers over the Chiefs.

You know the story there.

So, for me to go 4-3 last week was a minor miracle…especially considering I didn’t do what I usually do with the NFL…and bet the opposite of games that everyone is going with. I did it with the Rams, but I jumped on the Bears’ and Panthers’ bandwagon.

The fact that we had a couple of people go 6-1 is shocking…considering the upsets in the NFL in particular.

Either way, we did…and it was “funkdfied” who won with the tiebreaker…bringing home the $25 gift certificate from Friendly’s.

You can compete this week by picking the games against me, Producer Joe, and Denny’s from Friendly’s. Pick our games…and then pick your own Lock of The Week from the most recent spreads on www.scoresandodds.com.

Here’s a look at our standings after Week 14. @ProdJoe continues to dick around, and then after a few weeks of momentum, Denny took the high hard one in going 1-6.

My lead is three games, and my 10-4 record in Locks of The Week is catching the attention of degenerates nationwide.

Buy in, hoes.

Tim: 49-46 (10-4 Locks of The Week)/Last Week: 4-3 (1-0 Lock of The Week)

Producer Joe: 46-49 (8-6 Locks of The Week)/Last Week: 3-4 (1-0 Lock of The Week)

Denny: 43-52 (10-4 Locks of The Week)/Last Week: 1-6 (1-0 Lock of The Week)

Rams at Bills (-3)

Producer Joe:
Went another week with a whopping 3-4 record last week and I continue to fall farther away from Tim in the standings.  I am disappointed and feel awful about it.  Can't even start to tell you that things are going to turn around this week because I just don't believe it.  I'm in a funk and I can't get out of it.  Here is one thing I do feel good about though. Before you start betting NFL games this Sunday, take the over of the Manchester United/Manchester City game at 2.5.  This should supply you with funds for the a day filled with losing.  Speaking of losing, I don't feel good about the Rams this weekend.  Not that I think the Bills are better than the Rams, but don't like them winning 3 in a row with 2 of them on the road.
Pick: Bills (-3)

Denny: Rams (+3)

The NFL is a minefield for sports gambling. I don’t know what else to say about it. So much of it is built around perception. And, right now, following two wins---but the win over the 49ers in particular---the perception of the Rams is at its highest since 2010. But, while I was thrilled with the win Sunday and also quite happy that we’re even talking about the Rams in the playoff picture in December, I also have to remember---for the sake of making picks---that the Rams’ offense was able to do nothing against that 49er defense…and if it weren’t for the incredibly odd playcall of the option pitch, the Rams lose that game by a rather depressing score of 10-2. On the other side of it, the Bills are playing pretty well as of late…relative for the Bills. It’s an “I hope I’m wrong pick.”
Pick: Bills (-3)

Bears (-3) at Vikings

Producer Joe:
The Bears are slipping quite a bit and it's not just because Cutler got dinged a few weeks ago.  Don't feel good about them heading into the postseason at all.  In fact, like the Vikings this weekend at home getting points.
Pick: Vikings (+3)

Denny: Vikings (+3)

Tim: Vikings (+3)

Ravens at Redskins (-2.5)

 Producer Joe: Stealing a game right here. Don't care that the Redskins have won 3 in a row against the NFC East.  Don't overthink this one.
Pick: Ravens (+2.5)

Denny: Ravens (+2.5)

Tim: Redskins (-2.5)

Saints at Giants (-4.5)

Producer Joe: Giants bounce back in a game they need to win at home against a fading Saints team. The offense will look really good against their former D-Coordinator as he returns to the Big Apple.
Pick: Giants (-4.5)

Denny: Giants (-4.5)

I’m confused by this line. You’d think it’d be much higher. Shady, shady.
Pick: Saints (+4.5)

Lions at Packers (-6.5)

Producer Joe:
The Lions are awful.  The Packers are pretty damn good.  Enough said. Pick: Packers (-6.5)

Denny: Packers (-6.5)

Tim: Lions (+6.5)

Locks of The Week

Producer Joe: Falcons (-3.5) at Panthers: Extra couple of days worth of rest and the Dirty Birds keep on rolling.
Pick: Falcons (-3.5)

Denny: Cowboys at Bengals (-3):
Pick: Bengals (-3)

Tim: Cardinals at Seahawks (-10): I hate having to use the NFL for my Locks, but I can tell you this, I’ll be a teaser-machine with this one Sunday. Getting the Seahawks down to (-4) and combining it with a couple of other games will be quite lovely. The Cardinals just can’t score. The Seahawks just don’t lose at home.
Pick: Seahawks (-10)

Now’s your chance to compete in The Friendly’s Football Picks of The Week. Pick the five games we selected and get your own Lock of The Week from the most recent lines from www.scoresandodds.com. Select the total points for the Rams and Bills as the tiebreaker. Whoever does the best wins a $25 gift certificate to Friendly’s.

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