Candid Comments From Kevin Demoff at Fan Luncheon

Listeners to TheITDRoll.com Morning After may know Justin In Columbia for his constant attacks on Producer Joe. Whether it be by text or by email, Justin In Columbia has made it clear he’s no fan of @ProdJoe.

But, Justin In Columbia does love the Rams. He’s a season ticket holder and has been for the last couple of seasons.

And, yesterday, Rams’ COO Kevin Demoff hosted a luncheon for season ticket holders in which he addressed all kinds of topics that would be of great interest to Rams’ fans.

I saw Justin In Columbia posted about it on Rams Talk on STLToday.com, so I got in touch with him and discussed the post. He said I was welcome to post it on insideSTL.com, and that he would elaborate on any questions I may have. So, here’s a look at Justin In Columbia’s reporting on Demoff’s comments:

1) "Don't listen to the media" when it comes to the lease situation. Fans have never heard anyone from the Rams organization say the team may leave. They wouldn't be doing season ticket holder luncheons, all the community service they do, expanding their preseason coverage, gotten the most expensive coach, etc if they planned on leaving St. Louis.

"Why would we do all this if we planned to leave? There's no logical answer to that question. It's (the paranoia) because this market has been through a divorce before but I promise you when that Super Bowl championship parade goes down Market in 2020, you will all say that you wish you wouldn't have gotten so worked up about that."

2) 50% market share this past Sunday for the game. Highest in 7-8 years

3) League called Demoff after the 49ers game threatening a fine for showing the Quinn roughing the passer call over and over on replay in the dome.

4) They screwed up by taking a home game away and putting it in London. "We made a mistake."

5) Jeff Fisher hasn't made a decision on Gregg Williams if/when he becomes reinstated.

6) Team plans to play much more press coverage rest of the season and next.

7) Wants impact receiver in the draft, but not sure it's there. Said plans are for Quick to fill that role along with Givens, Amendola, and Pettis - with Gibson and others in the mix.

8 ) Talked about having new uniforms in the next few years because fans don't like current ones. Discussed the Cleveland red and blacks, the old Rams white and blues, and maybe even a more modern yellow and blue.

9) Going to try and do alumni game every year. Alum told organization they want to come back and do it. Alum selected this year was based on who they had contact info for.

10) Currently pitching for future events to come to St. Louis at The Edward Jones Dome such as the Big Ten Championship, the Mizzou/Illini game, and a swimming championship in 2016.

11) Contract with concessioner for dome ends in two years and they are looking to change their concession model and possibly prices without an increase.

12) Goal in lease negotiations is to get a better gameday experience for the fans and the organization without passing the prices along to ticket holders or by tearing down the EJD. But the need is there to get this solved now permanently so the fans know where the team will be playing specifically in the region for the next 40 years.

13) Arbitration on stadium issue to begin on Jan 14. Expects it to take a few weeks, and then for the city to take a month to decide with a final decision coming in March.

14) If arbitration isn't successful, the fun begins where talks can begin around do full renovations need to take place at the EJD or a new stadium close by, and how it's going to be paid for.

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# Chud
Tuesday, December 11, 2012 9:24 AM
Wow, now that all sounds extremely promising! With the unis, I'd be in favor of a newer version of the blue and whites. Just knowing they are likely to change is good enough for me, though. The part about a potential to build a new stadium is intriguing, but I'm sure there is no way that would get approved by voters if they try to have even part of it funded by taxpayers.

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