Friendly’s Presents Week 16 of The Football Picks of The Week

You know what one of the worst things I do every week is?

Shave my head?

Put in my lifts?

Asphyxiate myself while watching Sports Sunday?


It’s going through the submissions for The Friendly’s Football Picks of The Week and seeing who did the best.

Now, you’d think a high-powered CEO would have minions to do this kind of work. And, I’m sure high-powered CEO’s do. But, if you’re this CEO, and you’re running a business with more smoke and mirrors than the Quin Snyder Era, you sit at your desk every Thursday…and go through each and every person’s picks to see who won the $25 gift certificate to Friendly’s.

This is the balling so hard Jay-Z and Kanye West are referring to.

It actually is so tedious it fucks up my eyes.

Each week, I hope that someone---and just one someone---went undefeated…and that means I won’t have to go through everyone’s picks. But, alas, it rarely happens.

And, with a bunch of games the public was loading up on this past weekend (the Ravens +2.5 and the Falcons -3 to be specific), I figured there was little chance we’d have an undefeated winner.

And then Chad Rollins came along.

Thank you, Chad Rollins.

You made life a little easier for me by going 6-0 and pwning holes. You, sir, have won a $25 gift certificate to Friendly’s.

And, even better, Chad figured out what many of you have not: use my Lock of The Week as your Lock of The Week. I’m now 11-4 with my Locks of The Week, and I gave you a no-sweat blowout last week with the Seahawks (-10) against the Cardinals.

Meanwhile, I dicked around with my other picks, and so my lead on @ProdJoe remained the same as we both went 3-3…and Denny picked up a game on us both by going 4-2. Here’s a look at the standings:

Tim: 52-49 (11-4 Locks of The Week)/ Last Week: 3-3 (1-0 Lock of The Week)

Producer Joe: 49-52 (8-7 Locks of The Week)/ Last Week: 3-3 (0-1 Lock of The Week)

Denny: 44-54 (10-5 Locks of The Week)/ Last Week: 4-2 (0-1 Lock of The Week)

Vikings at Rams (-2.5)

Producer Joe:
I don't deserve the space to talk about how I feel about any of the games.  Have too much ground to make up on Tim to waste my time talking about how I feel the Rams will end up shitting the bed this weekend & all of our talk about possible playoff races will die a slow death at the Edward Jones Dome.  Oh, and here is your soccer pick of the week because that is about all I feel confident playing at this point:  Over the 2.5 of Manchester City/Newcastle on Saturday morning at 6:45 AM.
Pick: Vikings (+2.5)

Denny: Rams (-2.5)

Maybe I can get a soccer sponsor on board to give us some dollars for Producer Joe’s soccer picks of the week. That’s what it’s come to for him. But, in fairness, on whatever the hell it was that he said would hit last week, I can tell you that it hit. So, listen to him on that. Don’t listen to him on the Rams-Vikings. Besides, he’s back to doing what he did when he had a lead on me…and just picking the opposite of what he thinks I am going to pick so as to make up ground in the standings. He is not a man of integrity. He will try to win at all costs…even if it means steering you in the wrong direction…if for whatever reason you actually base your wagers on his picks. For me, I haven’t been this fired up for a Rams’ game in a long time. I guess you’d have to go back to the Week 17 Seattle game in 2010, but that one was on the road. This is at home, and I do believe that this defense can stop the run…but can get eaten alive by a great QB. That’s why I do think it’s possible for them to win out…albeit not likely. Christian Ponder, Josh Freeman, and Russell Wilson < the earlier stretch of Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Alex Smith/Colin Kaepernick. If they’re built to stop the run---or if that’s at least what they’re doing now---this will be a hell of a match-up with the Rams’ defense against Adrian Peterson. Personally, now that it’s go time…and they’re going up against a decent team that they have to beat at home…I’m anxious to see how the Rams’ offense does against Jared Allen and company. I think it’s going to be a tight one. I hope it’s a hell of an atmosphere. I enjoy that they’re wearing the throwbacks. And, when they do, they win.
Pick: Rams (-2.5)

Packers (-3) at Bears

Producer Joe:
Packers (-3)

Denny: Packers (-3)

Tim: I really hope I’m wrong on this one. Lot of money will be going on Green Bay. You know the story when that happens.
Pick: Bears (+3)

Giants at Falcons (-1)

Producer Joe: Giants (+1)

Denny: Giants (+1)

Tim: Falcons (-1)

Broncos (-3) at Ravens

Producer Joe:
Broncos (-3)

Denny: Broncos (-3)

Tim: Broncos (-3)

49ers at Patriots (-5.5)

Producer Joe: Patriots (-5.5)

Denny: Patriots (-5.5)

Tim: Now this is a matchup. Could damn well be---and could’ve damn well been just 11 months ago---the Super Bowl. The Patriots pwnd the Texans. Public perception is big in their favor. Will that offensive line give Brady the protection against my Missouri mancrush Aldon Smith and the 49ers’ defense? Here’s my take: the issue will be decided on the other side of the ball. I’m not so sure about Colin Kaepernick on the road. He was good against the Saints in New Orleans, but me and 10 of my friends could be good against that Four Pillars Defense. He flat-out cost San Francisco a win in St. Louis. He’s been great at home. How will he do in this glamorous prime time matchup against Brady in Foxboro? I tend to think not well.
Pick: Patriots (-5.5)

Locks of The Week

Producer Joe: Steelers (-2) at Cowboys:
Pick: Steelers

Lions (-6) at Cardinals:
Pick: Lions

Tim: Seahawks (-4) at Bills (in Toronto):
Pick: Bills (+4)

Now you can participate by picking the five games we all selected and picking your own Lock of The Week from the NFL games on www.scoresandodds.com. As a tiebreaker, give the total points of the Rams and Vikings. Whoever does the best wins a $25 gift certificate to Friendly’s Sports Bar And Grill.

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