Friendly’s Presents Week 17 of The Football Picks of The Week

Last week was one of those weeks when I have to look in the mirror and wonder what service we’re providing the reader and/or listener.

We went a combined 7-11 overall and 0-3 in our Locks of The Week. Producer Joe, Denny From Friendly’s, and I all have to wonder what the hell went wrong.

I start peacocking around about my 11-4 record in Locks of The Week, and then I confidently give you the Buffalo Bills (+4.5) against the Seahawks…and it didn’t quite work out.

@ProdJoe and Denny didn’t do much better. At least ProdJoe gave you a team that went to overtime before failing with the Steelers at the Cowboys. Denny fell into the trap that, according to Chad Millman of ESPN, 80% of the public money went on in Las Vegas: the Lions (-6) at the Cardinals.

If I would’ve known that in advance, I would’ve been putting the wiffle ball field on the Cardinals.

Instead, it was just a mess of an NFL weekend…only saved by that classic 49ers’-Patriots’ Sunday Night Football Game. But, in fine fashion, we all picked the Patriots.

Just terrible. I went 2-4. ProdJoe went 3-3. Denny went 2-4. We all lost our Locks. I would apologize, but our season records are so either bad or mediocre that I can’t imagine many of you are basing your wagering on our picks. The one that might’ve cost you money was my Lock, since I was proclaiming my greatness last Friday only to be humbled Sunday.


Here are the standings:

Tim: 54-53 (11-5 Locks of The Week)/ Last Week: 2-4 (0-1 Lock of The Week)

Producer Joe:
52-55 (8-8 Locks of The Week)/ Last Week: 3-3 (0-1 Lock of The Week)

Denny: 46-58 (10-6 Locks of The Week)/ Last Week: 2-4 (0-1 Lock of The Week)

Congratulations to Kevin Schaefer. He went 5-1 last week and won the tiebreaker to win the $25 gift certificate to Friendly’s Sports Bar And Grill. You can participate in the festivities by picking the games we pick down below in the comments section, and then picking your own Lock of The Week from www.scoresandodds.com, and finally giving us a tiebreaker with the total points in the Rams-Buccaneers’ game.

Let us begin…and recuperate:

Rams at Buccaneers (-3)

Producer Joe: Rams (+3)

Denny: Rams (+3)

Tim: Rams (+3)

Bengals at Steelers (-3.5)

Producer Joe: Steelers (-3.5)

Denny: Steelers (-3.5)

Tim: Steelers (-3.5)

Saints at Cowboys (-2.5)

Producer Joe: Saints (+2.5)

  Denny: Cowboys (-2.5)

Tim: Saints (+2.5)

Giants (-2.5) at Ravens

Producer Joe: Giants (-2.5)

Denny: Giants (-2.5)

Tim: Ravens (+2.5)

49ers (-1) at Seahawks

Producer Joe: 49ers (-1)

Denny: Seahawks (+1)

Tim: Seahawks (+1)

Locks of The Week

Producer Joe: Bears (-6) at Cardinals: Pick: Bears (-6)

Denny: Bears (-6) at Cardinals: Pick: Bears (-6)

Tim: Titans at Packers (-13): Pick: Packers (-13)

Now’s your turn to submit your picks for The Friendly’s Football Picks of The Week and have a shot at winning a $25 gift certificate to Friendly’s. Pick the five games we picked, select your own Lock of The Week using the most recent lines on www.scoresandodds.com, and then give the total points for the Rams-Buccaneers as a tiebreaker. Whoever does the best wins a $25 gift certificate to Friendly’s Sports Bar And Grill.

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