Friendly’s Presents Week 19 of The Football Picks of The Week

Time is running out on The Friendly’s Football Picks of The Week. Time is running out for Producer Joe and Denny From Friendly’s, that is.

With just this weekend, the Divisional Weekend, the AFC/NFC Championship Games, and the Super Bowl, I can see the finish line for my victory in our side bet.

Leading by five games over @ProdJoe and 10 games over Denny From Friendly’s, I can begin the Magic Number countdown.

We’ll pick five games this weekend, four games next weekend, and then with the AFC/NFC Championship Games and Super Bowl left after that, we only have a total of 12 games left to select.

You what this is?

This is exciting.


No foolin’.

Now, if I wanted to make sure I collected the $500 ($250 from each), I would just pick whoever Producer Joe picks.

But, there’s no honor in that.

Picking games on insideSTL.com is an honorable activity. It’s like how Sato explained karate to his nephew who had gone astray in Karate Kid Part II.

Could I use my picks for evil?


But, there’s a certain power that comes with going slightly above .500 after picking 119 games, and I must respect the honor of going 62-57.

Not everyone can do it.

With that all out of the way…

…I’m still fucking raging over the end of the 49ers’ game against the Cardinals.

I have no idea why, but I actually take pride in getting my Locks of The Week right. And, seeing as many of you are now following my lead and picking who I pick, I feel a responsibility as your leader.

So, because I had teased the 49ers down to (-10), I actually was flipping between that mess of a game and the Rams/Seahawks…all while missing one of the best games of the year with the Vikings and Packers.

The 49ers are up 27-6.

Two minute warning.

My Lock of The Week was San Francisco (-16).

Arizona has the ball, but it’s 4th and 27. Someone named Brian Hoyer is their quarterback. The Cardinals haven’t had a passing touchdown in eight weeks.

And what happens?

I feel like going all Rondo here.

Hoyer completes a 37-yard touchdown pass to Michael Floyd. The Cardinals cover by two points on what is being known in gambling circles as The Hoyer Miracle.

Now, I still covered my teaser, so I still ball so hard.

But, once again, it goes back to principle. It goes back to honor.

And therefore, as your leader, I let you down.

Sure, I finished the year with a 12-6 record on Locks of The Week, and 66% right is pretty damn good against the spread. But, because of the honor involved in this, I expect more. And, I was so fucking pissed off when he completed that pass.

First passing touchdown in eight weeks.

Stunning, really.

On a potpourri of levels.

So, instead of going 4-2 (1-0 with my Lock of The Week), I went 3-3 (0-1). But, that was good enough to hold on to my lead.

However, it wasn’t remotely as good as John Roy, who took down the $25 gift certificate to Friendly’s by going undefeated last week. Very impressive performance, sir. Congratulations.

We’ll do the four playoff games this weekend and the BCS Championship Game. No other games are out there to pick, so the Locks of The Week are now a thing of the past. Select your picks…and as a tiebreaker, give the total score of Alabama-Notre Dame.

And with that…

…we’re off:

Bengals at Texans (-4.5)

Producer Joe: Texans (-4.5)

Denny: Texans (-4.5)

Tim: Texans (-4.5)

Vikings at Packers (-7.5)

Producer Joe: Packers (-7.5)

Denny: Packers (-7.5)

Tim: Packers (-7.5)

Colts at Ravens (-6.5)

Producer Joe: Ravens (-6.5)

Denny: Ravens (-6.5)

Tim: Colts (+6.5)

Seahawks (-3) at Redskins

Producer Joe: Seahawks (-3)

Denny: Seahawks (-3)

Tim: Redskins (+3)

Alabama (-9.5) vs. Notre Dame

Producer Joe: Alabama (-9.5)

Denny: Notre Dame (+9.5)

Tim: Notre Dame (+9.5)

Now it’s your chance to pick the games and compete for the Friendly’s Sports Bar And Grill $25 gift certificate. Log-in and pick the games…plus give the total points for Alabama-Notre Dame as the tiebreaker. Whoever does the best wins a $25 gift certificate to Friendly’s.

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