SEGMENT 1-- It Just Feels Good and I Don't Know Why But We Only Have 2 More shows After This Afternoon, I Am Showing Up Later and Later Each Day Plus Picked Up Lunch Today As Well, Its Odd to Walk Into This Place and Not Know Who Anyone Is Around Here To Be Honest, Nelly Is Now Following Me on Twitter, I Am Actually Learning How to Box At This Time & Throw Combinations, The Non May Start Weeping When Gretzky Drops By In About a Half Hour, I Got to Hoist the Cup After Doug Weight Brought It By My House a Few Years Ago, Alex Pietrangelo Is One of the Best Young Players We Have Had in This Town in Any Sports a Good Long Time, Sports Are So Great Because of the Unexpected Seasons, and How I Go About Broadcasting Games In Both Baseball and Football ---



SEGMENT 2-- Well Here Is An Important Question Because I Am Curious If Our Guest Is Available Right Now, The Great One Wayne Gretzky Joins Us From Los Angeles While Watching What Is Happening In Indy Right Now, Feeling Very Emotional About What Happened with Peyton and the Colts, I Have Been Able to Stay in Touch Over Time with the Folks in Edmonton, Yes I Was a Part of the Blues At One Time and Loved My Time There, Being a Teammate of Brett Hull's and Power Play Talk, Hull Was Just a Fun Guy to Be Around On and Off the Ice, In the Playoffs Its All About Doing the Little Things and the Blues Do Them Already, It's a Different Day in the World of Sports in Terms of Growing Pains, the Changes to the Physical Aspect of the Game, and How Close Was the 1996 Blues Team to Being Super Successful Before Fuhr's Injury ---



SEGMENT 3-- That Is the Band Muse Right There, You Are Pretty Good at Fun Facts for Know and Tell, I Am Kind of Down About the Fact That We Had 15 Minutes of Commercials, Bob Costas Joins the Show and Starts Ripping Commercials and Firing Shots at Tim for Strippers, Buzz Bissinger Is Totally Gone At This Point, Going Back to the Would Ya Conversation From a Few Years Ago & Erin Andrews Is In Fact Hot, What Is He Doing at This Time of the Year and Preparing To Sit in a Bunker for the 2012 Olympics in London, Will the Viewing Experience Be Different without Ebersol In Charge, Manning's Exit From Indianapolis and Where He May Head Next, What Has Happened Over the Past 2 Months with the Rams, the Change in Major League Baseball's Playoff Policy, His Advice to Folks That Want To Get Into the Business, Ryan Braun Situation with the PED Test, and How Does Anyone Get Into the Baseball Hall of Fame These Days ---



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only 3 segments today?

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