SEGMENT 1-- ---
No, Darren Pang is not station management. The Non-Gay stayed at Joe’s house last night, and couldn’t sleep. Master is no longer an acceptable term. Yes you can be allergic to dogs. Kevin has bad handwriting.

SEGMENT 2-- ---
Music Theme Friday is on hiatus. Brian Burwell writes the clock is ticking on the Pujols story. Fans are trending against a long contract. Callers weigh in.

SEGMENT 3-- ---
We unveil the Exit Poll

SEGMENT 4-- ---
Darren Pang joins the fun and games. Do the Blues need a scorer. There’s no one out there in terms of snipers. They’ll have to score by committee. TB credits the Blues’ intensity…most difficult team to play against.

SEGMENT 5-- ---
Ryan Franklin joins us to talk Pujols, pitching, and next season.

SEGMENT 6-- ---
The Ticket Guys Email of the Day

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