SEGMENT 1-- This Is a Show That Seems to Lack Wireless Internet For Another Week That Apparently the Hammering Didn't Fix, Even a Claw Hammer May Help The Situation At This Point, I Am Sorry to Announce This But I Think This is the Final Straw Because All of Doug's Pens Were Stolen Over the Weekend, Are You Saying that Mark McGwire Made the Decision to Cut the Airing of the Breeders Cup on Saturday Night?, I Also Know That There are Millions of Dollars Available Right Now That Won't Be Around on Wednesday Morning, Fun and Games with Twitter During Games As They Take Place, I Did Actually Go Back Through the Media Guide of Missouri to See How They Have Played Defensively on the Road Against Top 10 Road Teams, and Its a Bad Bad Situation For Mizzou at the Quarterback Position ---



SEGMENT 2-- When I Hear a Tune Like This From Billy Gilman It Makes Me Want to Watch a Cardinals Season in Review, Joe Strauss Joins the Show to Discuss What Was Shown on KSDK Saturday Night In Place of the Breeders Cup, If You Need the Summary Statement of the St. Louis Media You Got It All Right There, Was In the Office When All This Happened On Saturday Night and the Phones Were Ringing Off the Hook While the Biggest Event In Racing Is Taking Place, What Does He Mean When We Says This Is the Snapshot of the St. Louis Media, Does His Neighbor Really Have Chickens & a Rooster?, Zoning Allows This to Actually Take Place in the Suburbs, and Sure We Will Mention the Hitting Coach Situation and the Chance That There Is Some News At Busch Stadium Today ---



SEGMENT 3-- Steadman You Are Having a Great Day with the Song Selections This Morning Maybe We Should Just Play Music Because Our Numbers Can't Go Down, Read Some of Those Anti-Strauss Texts That Were Sent In, I Do Believe That All Over the Country News Stations Are Chasing the Money This Isn't Just Isolated to St. Louis, We Have to Deal with Financial Decisions All the Time at insideSTL Especially with the WWE Recap on Tuesday's, Did You Guys Watch Any Other Football Games on Saturday Besides Mizzou?, For Whatever Reason I Enjoy Watching College Football More Than the NFL, Oregon Is a Machine No Matter Who Is Playing For Them But KState Is Nothing without Klein, and I Don't Know How Notre Dame Gets Into the Final Two without the Teams In Front of Them Losing ---



SEGMENT 4-- I Think This Is The Carpenters While Steadman Is Rolling Along with His Best DJ Day Ever, Howard Balzer Joins the Show Presented By Appliance Solutions to Talk About Doing a Duet with The Cat At Some Point In His Life But He Never Shows Up at Events, Donnie Avery Has a Massive Day in Indy Yesterday As the Colts Moved to 5-3, Danario Having a Good Week As Well with the Chargers, What is the Best Story in the NFL This Season, What the Bears Are Doing On Defense Is Crazy This Season, and What Is the Draft Outlook of a Guy Like Sheldon Richardson ---



SEGMENT 5-- Clay Travis Joins the Show Presented By R.F. Meeh Company to Discuss Being Underwater and Now the Phone Is Fixed, the Fighting Tigers Almost Pulled An Upset Down in Gainesville on Saturday Afternoon & Probably Wins If James Franklin Can Throw Accurately, Really Thinks that Mizzou Will Win in Knoxville on Saturday, Florida Is Just Not Very Good Offensively, What It Was Like In Baton Rouge on Saturday Night, The Swing at the End of the Game When Alabama Took the Lead, Is Les Miles Taking On Any Criticism Following the Loss, and Free Money This Week with Georgia Taking Advantage of Auburn This Coming Up Weekend, Plus Good Morning Mike Lee ---



SEGMENT 6-- Supplement Superstores Email of the Day ---



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# BigD
Monday, November 05, 2012 10:30 AM
you guys gonna load segment 6 today?
# haus
Monday, November 05, 2012 12:33 PM
Segment 6 is not up on iTunes
# haus
Monday, November 05, 2012 1:21 PM
Segment 6, please?
Rusty Bottoms
# Rusty Bottoms
Monday, November 05, 2012 3:59 PM
Where is segment 6 pimp juice?
Sook Deek
# Sook Deek
Tuesday, November 06, 2012 8:24 AM
Hey Joe:

WHERE. THE. FUCK. IS. SEGMENT. 6??????????????????????????

Let me guess, that Zach's department right? You stupid twink. You can keep throwing Zach under the bus, but we all know that your incompetent ass fucked something up. again.

The reality is you probably left the station early yesterday to me nonnie for a twink on twink session and therefore couldn't post the last segment. Just own up to it ang GET IT THE FUCK FIXED.

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