At the beginning of the season I said to be patient, your studs will play like studs and your team will round into shape. My team featured Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates. For the first nine weeks of the season my team stunk like a heaping pile of shit. Why? I was to patient and it cost me a playoff spot. Prior to week ten I blew up my roster and I haven’t lost since that time.  You gotta know your roster, when to make changes and remember the longer you wait the less time you will have to implement any changes and save your season.

Another mistake that I made was keeping the wrong keepers. If you’re playing in a keeper league I would recommend that you don’t keep two players of any one position. I had Ray Rice and Arian Foster, I kept both and in a PPR league, without a top wide receiver, my season was doomed before it even started. In PPR leagues, make sure that you keep your top receiver or else you’ll be scrambling the rest of the year to make up for the lack of production.

Starting with Week 15, you must monitor teams like Houston because they may not have any reason to play their stars like Arian Foster or Andre Johnson. Make sure that you have viable back-ups in case you have Peyton Manning and he sits during your championship weekend. Pay attention to the waiver wire, people tend to do some crazy things at times of desperation.

Don’t go with your gut, go with the proven commodity. If you do lose, at least you lost with the best possible logic.

Larry Fitzgerald is officially droppable. Read that sentence again. The Arizona offence is truly horrible and there is no one that operation that deserves to be on your team.

I’ll be doing columns for the Fantasy NFL playoffs and also for next season.

I’m Gabe from The Cube Farm
Have a Good One and have a Safe One
I can be reached on Twitter @smittystl

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