I rarely go out of my way to attack a fellow journalist, as I myself am certainly a flawed individual, but sometimes someone says something so asinine that it just sticks in my craw and I have to vent about it.

Ok Freddie Coleman, you’re about to get yours.

Some background first. I was driving home from work about a week ago and was listening to 101 ESPN. Radio host, Freddie Coleman, -- who I normally enjoy -- was doing a rapid fire Q & A with his cohost (whose name escapes me) and our St. Louis Cardinals happened to be the topic of conversation. The Cards, who currently enjoy the best record in baseball -- and did so at the time of the broadcast as well -- were suddenly under scrutiny from the national media.

It’s nice to hear an objective opinion about your hometown team on the national stage and veer from the rampant homerism that bleeds throughout local media coverage. But this was not one of those times. Mr. Coleman was asked by his cohost (I’m paraphrasing here), “The Cardinals currently have the best record in baseball. When the regular season is said and done will they still wind up on top? If not, who are two teams that you think will finish ahead of them?”

Freddie then replied (again paraphrasing), “Absolutely not. The two teams that will definitely finish ahead of them are the San Francisco Giants, because they are on the West Coast and don’t get a lot of love, and the Detroit Tigers, because Miguel Cabrera leads the American League in RBIs.”


There is a very good chance that the Tigers and the Giants could finish the regular season with superior records, but the reasoning in his answer is nonexistent. First of all, the Giants get much more national attention than the Cardinals, and that has nothing to do with the game of baseball or why a team would succeed or fail. And for the record, the Giants are 28-22 with a 9-13 road record and a +4 run differential. The Cardinals are 32-17 with a +66 run differential (tied for the best in baseball with the Tigers). I’m just saying. Things could certainly change as the season wears on, but the Cards have a much better lineup and pitching staff. The records seem to reflect each team pretty accurately.

As for the Tigers (28-20 as of Monday afternoon), they could certainly finish with a better record than the Cards, but it’s not because Miguel Cabrera is leading the AL in RBI. He’s easily the best hitter on the planet right now but in no way can one man (or his RBI total) be solely responsible for carrying a team to the best record in baseball.

I realize I’m nitpicking a bit here, but Freddie’s answer was well beyond the
ridiculous. The Cardinals will never get the attention they deserve from the national
media because they are located in a “cow town” that isn’t on one of the coasts. I
mean shit, we have John Mellancamp sing at our world series games and we don’t
even have an Ikea so why would anyone give a shit about our baseball team? Even if
they currently have the best record and are the most successful National League
franchise of all time.

I’m realistic about this ballclub, and I honestly don’t think they will end up with the best record in the game, but a little respect for what they’ve accomplished so far would be nice. And if you’re going to doubt them or bash them for whatever reason, at least have some solid points to back up your claims. Not just a bunch of nonsensical pap that holds water about as well as a submarine with screen doors.

I’m just sayin.

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# brockohol
Tuesday, May 28, 2013 10:50 AM
this is why no one cares about the Cardinals


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