Bill DeWitt Jr, the Managing Partner of the St. Louis Cardinals has been a great owner for the St. Louis Cardinals. For the past 15 years the Cardinals have won 2 NL pennants and 1 World Series. They've been in the playoffs more often than they haven't. And for the most part Mr. DeWitt and his partners have shunned the spotlight while maintaining a high quality of product that is consistently entertaining.

Mark Cuban, the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks attempted to purchase the Texas Rangers out of bankruptcy court, but was outbid by an investment group lead by former Ranger Nolan Ryan. Cuban had shown serious interest in also purchasing the Cubs before they were sold last year. One of the richest and most successful men in the country has now failed twice to land a MLB team.

Bill DeWitt should sell the St. Louis Cardinals to Mark Cuban.


1. Bill DeWitt will make a shit ton of money. Estimates are varied on how much he bought the Cardinals from in 1995, but we can safely say it was less than 275 million. Cuban's final offer for the shitty Rangers was 600 million. So even if he just gets 600 million for the Cardinals, his group will clear 325 million minimum. Not a bad ROI for 15 years. Plus he'll get out from the burden of Pujols' next contract. Or escape the ire of Cardinal Nation if he somehow doesn't get that contract done.

2. Ballpark Village is a boondoggle. If you believe one word BWIII or Jr. are spouting about that project- you're a lemming. These guys would love nothing more than to get rid of all the promises they made and stay in Cincinnati full time. Let's be honest here... If DeWitt doesn't feel the need to live here in STL full time, then he probably doesn't have much civic pride. I mean, at least with the Rams ownership, they were in SoCal. But Cincinnati? That place is horrible. You have to be committed to a low quality of life to live there.

3. Mark Cuban will go crazy his first 3 years as a baseball owner. He's going to shove it right up the asses of every other owner that he feels is blocking him from getting an MLB team. He's going to spend like a maniac and make sure that Cardinals Nation is fucking head over heels with him. Think of how this guy turned an albatross of an NBA team into the most fan friendly environment in the NBA. I mean, have you met a hard core Dallas Maverick fan? Neither have I. Once he gets a taste of how rabid you are- he's going to be perma-hard 24/7 and basically making the team into baseball fantasy land.

4. Cuban = press. I'll admit it. I watch SportsCenter. A lot. And I like it when they talk about the Cardinals. Most of the time I just like to disagree, but it's better than hearing
about Brett Favre some fucking more. But when Cuban talks, ESPN and all it's shows flock to the guy. Instead of being buried in the D block- the Cards will be leading the show.

5. We can shove all our successes in the faces of Cubs fans. See? See what you could have fucking had? You asshats!

6. It's just time for a change. Listen, I like stability as much as the next guy. Meaning not at all. How many columns and blog posts can we write about DeWitt? He's a pretty boring guy. He never responds to our bitching- at least in public. And he's really not even around all that much to mess around with. Sports is one big drama. Let's get some fresh blood around the team and see what that does. Good or bad, it'll be a story.

7. Cuban and Dirk at Lure? Yes please.

Again, this isn't a case of Bill DeWitt being a bad owner, or even really needing to go for any specific reason. It's just that we have this smoking hot option just sitting out there that somebody is going to take advantage of.

Why not the Cardinals?

* Look at that pic of Cuban? You sure you want to disagree with me?

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# DigDoug
Friday, August 06, 2010 7:49 AM
You are a moron.
First - Cuban is a businessman. He didn't spend like crazy to get the Rangers, who are the only winning baseball team in a very rich baseball state - good place to build your brand.
Second - Cuban has never shown aptitude at understanding talent. He hasn't won any championships in Dallas despite a desire.
Third - because someone is rich, and successful in business is usually a good indicator they know nothing about baseball.
AT Hooks
# AT Hooks
Friday, August 06, 2010 8:26 AM

You so, so right. Overpaying for Eric Dampier must mean he's going to awful at evaluating baseball talent. Either that or he's going to be smart enough to hire the best baseball people to make sure he's sucessful.

The whole fucking point of this post was that he was going to spend like crazy and make the whole damn team more entertaining. Read the first paragrapgh again- Bill DeWitt is a good managing partner.... Mark Cuban would be more interesting.

I hate you 100%; I mean that kindly.

Friday, August 06, 2010 9:44 AM
"I hate you 100%; I mean that kindly."

There would definitely be entertainment watching Cuban try to out-Yankee the Yankees. We sure wouldn't ever be scratching our heads for a weekly column idea with nothing to write about but the latest dip or climb of this roller-coaster team. And he'd drive Selig into a home & out of baseball with his antics.

Now, my most important question, what kind of pics you holding of JBoyd to get your column posted bright and early on Fridays!?
# afanger
Friday, August 06, 2010 10:29 AM
sounds good to me. i think cuban would actually have the balls to fire our manager when he fucks up, nightly.

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